Geier is gone as ABQ police chief. Crybaby Medina to take over for a while

September 10, 2020

A real mayor and police chief vs pretenders Keller and Geier

September 3, 2020

No more APD raises until the clown show ends

August 24, 2020

Progressive Mayor Timmy robs the poor to give to the well off. Big pay raises for APD honchos

August 21, 2020

Is Sophie a bad dog? Or is Sophie getting a bad bone? More APD crap

August 19, 2020

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October 22, 2018

There's always at least two ways to view anything, and that goes for the 'caravan' of now 7,000 U.S.-bound immigrants, mostly from Honduras and Guatemala. I'd wager that most of us feel genuinely sorry for people whose lives are filled with chaos, but I'm also equally...

October 3, 2018

- Men Are Automatically Guilty: Americans are putting the final touches on the new, improved Original Sin and are applying it exclusively to men (the Original Sin of Maleness or OSOM).

- Radical feminists interpret it this way: men are inherently evil and when given th...

September 28, 2018

It was a sure-fire, rip-roaring, Washington, D.C. spectacle, complete with high-pitched emotion and deep-throated drama that spectators witnessed in the Senate Judiciary Committee (SJC) hearing today. Had the government been able to sell tickets to the performance, the...

September 22, 2018

- If this is America's new brand of justice, I'd rather take my chances with the mob.

- When did the Senate get demoted to the role of stage manager at a third rate burlesque house?

- And when exactly in the recent past did an accuser get to follow the accused?

You have t...

September 18, 2018

Do American women really want return to the days of the Puritans or do they want the unfettered freedom of today? I would like to know how women's groups square the two.

September 5, 2018

Judge Brett Kavanaugh appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday probably expecting a contentious hearing, especially from the Democrat members. I doubt, however, that he expected to be confronted by the D.C. chapter of Antifa. Here I'm talking about the De...

August 27, 2018

Are we so demanding of attention that millions of us needed our own online shop window into our private lives where every single thing we do, say or that happens to us is broadcast to our Facebook friends, no matter its importance?

June 22, 2018

Everybody is outraged that we, the United States of America, would have the temerity to detain children while our officials attempt to ascertain their true identity and to be sure that the person they traveled with really is their mum or dad.

June 20, 2018

I'm disgusted that the Left is abusing this situation AND THE CHILDREN and is using it to get their candidates elected in November.

June 11, 2018

Where do these verbal bomb-throwers get off by dragging the rest of us into their cesspool of demeaning speech?

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