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Master Spy Huntsman

APD's wannabe master spy, Assistant Chief Bobby Huntsman, has probably fallen into a giant vat of excrement now that the city has made public the stunning revelation that Master Spy Huntsman secretly recorded the independent monitor in APD's reform case with the U.S. Department of Justice.

The release of the recording from Master Spy Huntsman's body camera should send shudders throughout Albuquerque, and throughout APD, Chief Gorden Eden, city Attorney Jessica Hernandez, Mayor Richard Berry, CAO Robert Perry and Master Spy Huntsman himself.

(Photo: Master Spy Huntsman)

It seems on the face of it that Huntsman might have violated APD policy on several levels, and maybe even federal policy for secretly recording an officer of the federal court while he was on official business.

So here are some questions for Master Spy Huntsman, Junior Spy Hernandez and everyone else out there. This really could backfire big time on APD and its budding “How to Spy on Federal Officials” program.

What crime was being committed when Master Spy Huntsman secretly turned on his camera to record Ginger when he was having an argument with Hernandez in March of 2016? What official police work was Master Spy Huntsman on when he recorded Ginger? Does APD policy allow officers to turn on their cameras and record any conversation – private conversations - they want, any time they want, wherever they want?

Did Master Spy Huntsman violate any federal law, or a least procedure, in secretly recording Ginger, who as the independent monitor, is the eyes and ears of federal court Judge Robert Brack? In other words, is Ginger an officer of the court, and did APD's spy ring just mess with the federal courts?

Who else has Master Spy Huntsman secretly recorded?

Are there recordings of people that Eden, Huntsman, Hernandez, Berry and Perry deem enemies? Recordings that they will make public when they feel the need to attack someone?

Have Master Spy Huntsman and others in APD's command made secret videos of the city council and ex-district attorney Kari Brandenburg? Of judges? Of current DA Raul Torrez?

Have they make secret videos of Judge Brack? Of people in the U.S. Attorney's office? Of other DOJ officials? Of Ed Harness, Joanne Fine and Peter Simonson of the ACLU?

Did Eden, Huntsman and Hernandez decide that the way to protect themselves is to secretly record enemies to use these recordings against them when they deemed necessary?

If there are other videos, where have they been stored? Are they kept at APD at the cloud storage platform (as required by SOP and DOJ consent decree)? Are they kept at the homes of Eden and Master Spy Huntsman?

The Ginger video was made while Master Spy Huntsman was on duty and with APD equipment. Did he upload the video into APD evidence? Did he write a report, as required by APD's rules?

The U.S. Attorney must ask this question: how many other people have been secretly recorded by Bobby, Gordo, Jessica and other members of APD command and where are these videos?

Did Hernandez, as city attorney, conspire with Master Spy Huntsman to secretly record Ginger? Is this ethical? Was this a setup that Hernandez knew about from the very beginning? If she did, does this cross ethical lines and should it cost her law license?

I didn't think APD command staff under Eden and Master Spy Huntsman could harm the department any more than their inept leadership already has, but this secret recording blows APD's integrity out of the water. No attorney, citizen, federal agent – not anyone - should trust these people. How many others have they secretly recorded? If you are in a meeting with them should you figure that they are keeping a secret record that they will use against you when they see fit?

How many other secret tapes have been made by Master Spy Huntsman? Are there tapes of Eden and Huntsman telling Celina Espinoza and officer Fred Duran to lie about Victoria Martens? Are there secret recordings regarding the Jeremy Dear case? The James Boyd case? Have they made secret recordings of the New Mexico Supreme Court? Attorney Randi McGinn?

Does Master Spy Huntsman just walk down the street and record people? Does he record animals? Does he record the weather? Has he recorded his neighbor, Silvio Dell'Angela?

Who else have they deemed an "enemy," and where are these tapes?

And what about this anonymous police employee who is fearful of Ginger? Brack needs to demand that Hernandez and Eden immediately present this person in his courtroom under threat of contempt.

The U.S. Attorney needs to march on APD's fifth floor and seize Master Spy Huntsman's lapel camera (all the cameras he has used) and send them to the FBI lab to determine how many videos he has made. We need to know if there are other videos, where are they and why were they made?

If Hernandez conspired to create the conversation with Ginger and have Master Spy Huntsman record it, she should be disbarred. And what about Berry? He is still mayor, but he hasn't done a damn thing about APD's deliberate obstruction of the reform process.

Why hasn't he doesn't a thing?

Does Master Spy Huntsman have a secret recording of R.J.?

It's doubtful that the DOJ will let this attack on Ginger pass. So here's one final question for Master Spy Huntsman.

Are you recording yourself squirming and sweating?

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