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Facebook Goes To $1 Billion Buildout In Los Lunas

Here's some good economic development news. Facebook has announced that it will go to a full buildout of its data center in Los Lunas.

It means that Facebook will put a total of $1 billion into its facility here.

Here is Gov. Susana Martinez's news release on the announcement:

Today, Governor Susana Martinez and Facebook announced the latest expansion of the Los Lunas Data Center, bringing Facebook’s total investment in the project to over $1 billion. Facebook will add four more buildings to the Los Lunas campus, in addition to the two already under construction.

“This expansion is good news for New Mexico and I’m proud to continue building on our strong partnership with Facebook as they create jobs and grow their investment in our state,” said Governor Martinez. “This shows even more encouraging momentum, and we’ll continue using our powerful tools and reforms to compete for more jobs and investment.”

Facebook will add nearly 1.8 million square feet to the Los Lunas Data Center – for a total of nearly 2.8 million square feet and six buildings, for the entire campus. Construction on the Los Lunas Campus is expected to keep construction crews busy until, at least, 2023 – as well as supporting more full-time jobs.

“We’re thrilled to be expanding our presence in the State of New Mexico and the Village of Los Lunas, and we’re grateful to Governor Martinez for her ongoing support,” said Erin Egan, Facebook’s VP of US Public Policy. “We continue to find a strong pool of talent to build our data center, and with this expansion, construction crews will be working on the site well into 2023.”

Since taking office in 2011, Governor Martinez has cut taxes, streamlining regulations, and building and growing tools and other reforms that make New Mexico more competitive – like the closing fund and job training program. In August of 2015, the Governor and her team met with Facebook leaders highlight New Mexico’s increased competitiveness for jobs and investment. In selecting New Mexico for this data center project, Facebook cited the state’s competitive business climate, strong workforce, commitment to infrastructure investment, and opportunities for renewable energy development.

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