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SOTU speeches are useless BS. Political parties are gangs that should be banned.

Last night during his State of the Union speech, President Trump could have said that he was opening the nation's borders to unlimited immigration, abandoning his idea of a border wall, giving each and every citizen $1 million in guaranteed income and that the nut in North Korea had destroyed all his missiles and nuclear bombs and the Democrats would have stayed glued to their chairs and hissed and scowled and pouted like the mindless, robotic mopes and gangsters that they are.

And Trump could have farted and burped and scratched his crotch and the Republicans would have leaped to their feet and applauded and smiled and cheered in wild and slavish adoration like the robotic mopes and gangsters that they are.

(Photo: Dennis Domrzalski.)

And in years past, Presidents Clinton and Obama could have said they hated America and were out to wreck the nation's economy and military and tax each and every worker at 150 percent of their income and Democrats would have leaped out of their chairs and applauded and smiled and cheered in wild and slavish adoration.

And that's why I no longer watch State of the Union addresses. They're nothing but BS, and the responses from members of the two parties – sorry, I mean gangs – are 100 percent predictable. Republicans cheer Republican presidents and scowl and jeer Democratic presidents. And Democrats cheer Democratic presidents and scowl and jeer Republic Presidents.

Not only art these SOTU speeches useless political BS, but they're sickening. Presidents never actually tell us about the state of the union other than to say, “The state of the union is strong,” while pointing out a few so-called normal people in the gallery who have done something that fits their political agenda and telling their stories.

Again, they never tell us what the state of the union really is, things we should probably know like:

How many ships does our navy have? How many does it need? How many tons of steel and bushels of wheat did we produce and grow? What is our international trade balance? What is the average per capita income? Has it increased or decreased? Are we still self-sustaining when it comes to food? How vulnerable is our infrastructure to cyber attacks? How long until Social Security runs out?

No, you'll never hear those questions answered because SOTU speeches are nothing but pure, smelly political garbage. But that garbage is useful if you care to know the truth about the true state of the union.

And the truth is that this nation is run by political gangs – Democrats and Republicans. Politicians are gang members who dress a tad better than your typical street thug. But they are thugs nonetheless. They care only about the party – the gang – and the next election cycle. Every decision is made based on what is good for the gang, not what is good for you and me.

And the only thing that is good for the gang is money and power, and that's all that politics is about – keeping gang/party in power and in money.

To see just how brain dead beholden to the gang/party our elected officials are, just go back and read the last year's worth of news releases from New Mexico's U.S. senators and representatives. They're sickeningly predictable, and, when it comes to actually representing the people, frauds.

Democratic Senators Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich, and Representative Ben Ray Lujan have basically hated and denounced EVERYTHING that Trump has said and done and proposed. Republican Representative Steve Pearce has basically supported EVERYTHING that Trump has said and done and proposed.

Their news releases have become so predictable that I can write them myself. That's why I never quote these people anymore; they're frauds, and they're predictable frauds.

You mean to tell me that there isn't one single idea that Trump has proposed in the past year that the Democrats in our Congressional delegation agree with, or that Pearce has opposed?

Actually, I think if they were honest they'd all say that they do agree with Trump on some things and disagree with him on others. But they never say that because they march to the party's/gang's tune. That's dishonest, despicable, pathetic and cowardly.

And that's why we should ban all political parties/gangs. Let everyone run for political office based on their ideas and plans and on their loyalty to us, the citizens, not on their loyalty to the gang.

That's a dream and hope that will probably never come true, but, hell, it's still worth dreaming about.

So what is the true state of the union?

Invincible. That is, if you're a member of one of the two gangs.

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