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Nation of wusses, part 2

If you read part one, then you are now ready for part two. So let’s talk about guns and schools and what, if anything should be done.

First, stop with the active shooter training for our kids. It is borderline child abuse to instill that kind of fear in children over something that will most probably never happen. It’s sick to tell grade school kids that someone is coming to kill them. It causes mental harm and anxiety and should be stopped immediately. That doesn’t mean you don’t instruct teachers; but leave the kids out of it. We don’t need our children thinking that they live in Syria, because they don’t.

Second, enact a federal law that prohibits anyone under the age of 21 from purchasing a firearm. The law should also prohibit anyone under the age of 21 from possessing a firearm when not in the presence of an adult (someone 21 or over). You only need to look at the actual school shootings that have happened to know that almost all of them were committed by young males under 21. This is common sense, at least to me


Third, stop with the fear mongering of taking away guns. It will never happen. The NRA needs to stop this stupid scare tactic. No one is coming for your guns, there are just too damn many out there.

Fourth, those people who believe that they have guns to protect themselves from the tyranny of our government (yeah, like we have it so bad), simply need to look at Ruby Ridge and Waco. At the end of the day who won? It’s delusional to think you can dress up in your “Sunday go to shooting” camo and with your AR15 and a couple of buddies take on the government. If you think this way, you are mentally ill and we do need to take your guns away.

Fifth, stop with the bashing of the mentally ill. Statistics have shown over and over the mentally ill are not the main culprits of mass shootings. The one common denominator for mass shooting offenders is an angry male. But if you insist on pointing a crooked finger at the mentally ill you need to define exactly what you mean.

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America estimates 40 million American adults suffer from some form of anxiety and depression. That’s a whopping 18% of our population. When you say mentally ill are you talking about your fellow 40 million Americans? So knock off the mentally ill bashing until you define the group you want to blame.

Sixth, dumbest idea put forward so far, arming teachers. In the Everytown statistics several of the 18 incidents were accidental discharges by police officers assigned to the school. If cops are accidentally discharging their guns what do you think teachers will be doing. It’s a dumb idea that only those who leave in perpetual fear would embrace.

Seven, don’t make our schools like prisons. That is the same false security that Homeland Security has had us drink since 9/11. Our schools are places of learning, and that should be the focus, not shaking down the inmates, errr I mean students. And look how safe our prisons are. When will Americans realize that we can’t build safety. That’s not what living is about and that is what we need to teach our kids.

Eight, take the money not used to make our schools like prisons and instead hire a mental health professional for every grade school through high school. This is how you protect students, by helping them at an early age. It’s not a good guy with a gun that will protect you, it’s a good guy with a degree in mental health counseling. That is the real protection.

Nine, but a good guy with a gun is still a good idea. So along with the mental health professional each school should have, on campus, a police officer. This would be cheaper than making schools into prisons and it would work better.

Ten, the NRA has got to stop with the silly argument that because guns are not allowed on school grounds they are a “soft target”. Tell that to the 17,000 Americans murdered in 2017 who weren’t on school grounds. It’s a stupid argument that the facts do not support. But those who make a living off of instilling fear have done a great job of making people believe this fallacy. Let it end right here, right now. We are not at war and “soft targets” are bull shit fear mongering.

Finally, the best advice I can give you is to live. Teach your children to live without fear. Enjoy life and don’t give in to the fear mongers at the NRA, the media and the anti-gun lobby. Enjoy life!

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