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Klein: We're a sick species. Why not bomb Assad instead of empty buildings?

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Two pictures of two dead Syrian children.

Can you tell which one was killed by gas and which one was killed by a bomb?

Why is it one child’s death is more devastating than the other? Both are dead. Both died horrible deaths.

Yet the civilized world meets in Geneva, Switzerland and over wine and good food they decide what is a good war death and what is a criminal war death. We are a sick species. The deaths of both children should be equally outrageous to civilized people, but it’s not. And is the death of a Syrian child, drowned while fleeing the carnage in Syria, any better? I say it is not.

So before President Trump pats himself on the back and declares “Mission Accomplished” maybe he should remind himself of the 500,000 Syrians who have died, the majority non combatant men, women and children. The world has turned a blind eye to this horror, only awakening when lethal gas is used to kill. Ignoring the barrel bombs, air strikes, artillery, starvation and mass slaughter that those in charge in Syria have wrecked upon each other.

The people of the world must awaken and stop allowing despots, henchmen and fools to order common people to their deaths. These presidents and despots party with each other, just like the kings in queens in Europe right before World War I. They treat the lives of their citizens like empty pieces on a chessboard. Willing to sacrifice a pawn for the queen. Who cares about the pawns anyway, they pledge allegiance and march off to war, while the rich and powerful stay behind and live the good life. When those in power sacrifice their children at the same rate as the rest of us, then most wars will end.

That day will only come when the people in this world rise up and decide not to be treated as pawns and fools.

Until that day I have some advice for President Trump and others who are so outraged at gas attacks. Instead of sending missiles to empty bases and buildings why not make a statement of accountability? Trump should send the missiles right into Bashar Al Assad presidential palace. If Bashar felt that he and his family would be personally held to task for these murders, maybe, just maybe, they would think twice before committing them.

The American public should be asking Trump why didn’t he order a strike at the one person who has caused this mass slaughter? Or do we still live in the era of kings and queens and it’s only pawns who get sacrificed.

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