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Klein: Stop Being Afraid

ISIS Isn’t who you should be worried about

So much to fear. Just listen to our president and cable news and you would think ISIS terrorists are on our doorsteps, attacking Americans (I am going to include Canada in this) on a weekly, maybe daily basis. So be very much afraid, because we have it so good we have to be scared of something.

Let’s take a look at mass killings (four or more dead including suicide by the killer) since the beginning of 2018 in North America.

April 23, a white male Canadian who apparently didn’t like women drove his vehicle on a sidewalk killing ten. Not ISIS.

April 22, the Waffle House outside of Nashville where a white male American took his AR 15 and mowed down four people. Not ISIS.

April 18, Ashville, North Carolina, four people killed in a domestic violence incident by a black male American. Not ISIS.

February 26, Detroit, Michigan, five people killed by a black male American, another domestic violence incident. Not ISIS.

February 14, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, seventeen are killed by a white male American with an assault rifle. Not ISIS.

February 11, four more die at the hands of a black male American in a domestic violence incident in Detroit. Not ISIS.

February 10, five die at the hands of a white male American in Johnson County, Kentucky. Not ISIS.

January 28, five die at the hands of a white male American in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, the motive still not known, but not ISIS.

What is the takeaway from this list? NOT ISIS!

And another thing to take away, the odds of you being in a mass killing, or any killing are very remote.

But where are those people who were consistently screaming about ISIS terrorism? Why are we not hearing their voices when it comes to domestic terror / domestic violence? Those same people who were scared that immigrants from the middle east were all ISIS sleeper agents, hell bent to kill Americans, are now silent.

Silent, except to say that the only way they will give up their guns is when they are pried from their cold dead hands (shout out to Charleston Heston).

Americans need to get smart. We need to stop being played for fools. We need to know the facts and stop reacting to everything cable news or our president tweets. ISIS has not killed any Americans, in America, in 2018. Americans have killed each other, but even the number of Americans killing each other is dropping across the nation. You may not think so in Albuquerque or Chicago or Baltimore, but in New York, El Paso, Phoenix and the majority of cities in our nation the murder rate is falling.

You have a choice, keep being scared of the boogeyman or wise up and start telling the pundits and politicians that you aren’t stupid. That you know the facts.

As Forrest Gump said, “stupid is as stupid does.” Stop being stupid.

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