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Free Speech is Dead, and We Killed It

Stop Demanding Apologies for Opinions You Don't Like

Never Apologize for Expressing Your Opinions

Shania Twain, that country rock singer from Canada, has made a big mistake, but it is not what you think.

n an interview regarding her comeback into music and touring, Twain told The Guardian that were she an American she would have voted for Donald Trump. The outrage from Americans who didn’t vote for Trump was almost instantaneous. By the thousands they went to social media and denounced Twain.

Twain and her record company most probably saw her record sales and concert tickets falling off the scale, so they had her go to that wonderful place called Twitter and issue an apology to all those that she horrendously offended.

AN APOLOGY FOR WHAT? Apologize for using her right to free speech? Her right to have her own opinion? These asshole people who denounced her make me sick. They are not Americans, they are fascists.

What should Twain have done? She should have told all those who were offended by her statement to “Go fuck yourself! I don’t need you at my concerts nor your dollars buying my records! I celebrate freedom of speech, I don’t stifle it! Take your left-wing fascism and shove it up your ass!”

That’s what Shania should have said, and that is the mistake she made by not saying it. That’s OK, I will still listen to her music. And I voted for Hillary. So to all of those other people let me say it clearly, you don’t like what I say, go to hell! Get a life! I don’t care about you or your mock outrage. Go fuck yourselves, left and right.

What about Fox screamer Laura Ingram? She was denounced just as loudly for her comments about LeBron James and some of the Parkland High School kids. Well Ingram screwed up too. If she truly believes in what she said, then she should have stuck to her statements instead of folding for dollars.

Don’t get me wrong, in my opinion Ingram is an idiot and she got what she deserved with her stupid comments. LeBron and the Parkland kids did exactly what they should do by calling her out, they have every right to do so. Ingram is in the fake news business and she knew the risks, but doesn’t it speak volumes about her and Fox when they issued a BS apology just to save money.

The difference between Ingram and Twain is that one is in the news business and one is just an entertainer. Sadly, they both are willing to kiss ass and step away from their beliefs for the almighty dollar.

And it’s not just the left side getting all outraged. Yeti Coolers was accused of breaking its ties to the NRA, and several of my friends on the right exploded.

Facebook had such informed statements from smart people accusing Yeti of “folding to liberal criticism” and being pawns of “George Soros.” You know what, these people are stupid. Yeti is saying they didn’t break with the NRA, they just discontinued some old advertising. But what Yeti should say is “Go fuck yourselves! We don’t need your stupidity and right-wing fascism supporting our company!”

Delta Airlines was threatened with losing tax breaks when they said they would no longer give breaks for NRA members. Oh the shame! The NRA folks lost their minds over this, but thankfully, Delta stuck to its “guns.” And why shouldn’t they? In this country they have the right to voice their opinion, and who are any of you to say different?

And I don’t believe that anyone actually follows through on the media outrage. I am sure Twain sold her records, Ingram is just fine with other advertisers, Yeti is selling coolers and Delta is filling airplanes.

So the next time you want to act offended when someone peacefully voices a different opinion than yours, let me be clear, go fuck yourself. You don’t belong in this country.

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