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Hey Mayor Keller, How About a Rally for Albuquerque Children?

Shameless self-promotion.

Ignoring New Mexico kids, who are 50th in the nation for child welfare, to show more concern for the children of illegal immigrants.

Only caring about getting noticed by national media.

These were all statements I heard from Albuquerque citizens regarding Mayor Tim Keller’s march to El Paso, so he could add his charming good looks to the immigrant issue.

But what about Albuquerque kids, Mayor Keller? New Mexico is considered the worse state in the nation for raising children, so why isn’t Keller holding a rally on Civic Plaza?

The only recent public mention of an Albuquerque child, that I know of, was the defending and then the reversal of APD’s destruction of dna laden underwear of a 7-year-old rape victim. Keller told us that he was opening an investigation into this incident, but it’s now July and he hasn’t held a press conference to tell us what the outcome of the investigation was.

Photo: Credit Getty images. June 21, 2018 Mayor Keller of Albuquerque listens as his wife, Kistin Keller cries while speaking about immigrant children on the southern border.

During this same time period CYFD opened their investigation, closed it, and disciplined several employees.

It makes me wonder if Keller’s “investigation” was simply smoke and mirrors, to placate the media and the public.

So here is my advice to Mayor Keller, this weekend hold a rally for Albuquerque children at noon, Sunday, on Civic Plaza. Show that you care for Albuquerque children just as much as you care for the children of immigrants. Bring your wife, hold your children, pump your fist in the air, and tell Albuquerque what your plan is to protect and make life better in Albuquerque for our children.

I know your family cares about children, your wife was crying for the immigrant children on national TV. I know she will cry for Albuquerque children if given the opportunity.

I doubt the national media will cover the event, but I know the local media will.

You are the mayor of Albuquerque, please put a stop to your personal PR campaign and instead tell us your plans, in detail, for making Albuquerque a better, safer place to raise our children.

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