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AG an DA do Nothing on Police Corruption Cases

Giving a Pass to Cops Destroys Confidence in the entire Criminal Justice System

When members of the government are accused of being corrupt, it requires an open, independent investigation by an arm of the criminal justice system.

When those being accused are members of law enforcement, a speedy, open and independent investigation is an absolute requirement. This must be done because if it is not, the citizens lose confidence in their police department. When a community loses confidence in their police department, they also lose confidence in the entire criminal justice system. This is dangerous for a civil society, welcome to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

In May of 2015 then-State Auditor Tim Keller presented facts in a public press conference where he asked New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas to criminally investigate the multi-million-dollar City of Albuquerque police contract with Taser International. Keller stated there was evidence of criminal wrongdoing between then-Albuquerque Police Chief Ray Schultz in a pay-to-play scheme with Taser International.

Schultz and Taser both denied the allegations.

Balderas opened that investigation in May of 2015. Since then the silence from the Attorney General’s office would make you think we live in Russia, where we, the citizens, the potential victims of a multi-million-dollar fraud, are not provided any updates from our elected Attorney General, Hector Balderas.

It has been over three years and Balderas office still refuses to answer any questions regarding this investigation. That is the democracy that we have in New Mexico. Is that a democracy?

Two years ago, then-Albuquerque Police Sergeant James Geha was accused of time sheet fraud. The case was investigated by the New Mexico State Police and a case submitted to the Bernalillo County District Attorney's office. Where nothing has happened.

When asked for an update, the PIO for DA Raul Torrez said the case was still under review. Two years later and still under review. So much for speedy response to possible police corruption.

I don’t know if there was “pay-to-play” between Ray Schulz and Taser.

I don’t know if Geha falsified time sheets to collect extra pay.

I do know that these allegations strike at the heart and soul of community trust in their police department and in the Attorney General and District Attorney. Citizens of Albuquerque repeatedly state they have no faith in the “System,” and those who we have entrusted that faith have failed us.

Raul it’s been two years, how much longer does Geha and the citizens have to wait?

Good god Hector, it has been over three years since you started the Schultz Taser investigation.

Raul and Hector, do something! Either charge or dismiss, but let the citizens know whether or not they can trust their police department. Your silence is destroying police-community relations.

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