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Trump, Catholic Church Supporters Are Cultists And Sheep

What do the followers of the Roman Catholic Church and President Donald Trump have in common?

Delusion and blind loyalty.

And that makes this world very dangerous.

If you turned on the news and found your Attorney General holding a press conference to announce:

  1. Criminal charges against your vehicle mechanic for ripping off customers, would you still take your car to him?

  1. Child molestation charges against the principal at your child’s day care? Would you take your child back to that day care the next day?

  1. Or how about a press conference to announce charges against your financial advisor for bilking clients out of millions of dollars. Would you leave your money with this advisor?

For most of us the answers would be “Hell No!”

So why did thousands of Pennsylvania Catholics show up to church the Sunday following the announcement of child molestation and cover up by their church leaders?

If they were showing up to burn the church down, I would understand. But instead they showed up to be told by their leader, Pope Francis, to “pray, fast and to do penance” for the horrific actions of their church leaders. The followers quietly sat in their pews and listened to this garbage.


I have a crazy uncle who is very right-wing Catholic old-school. He used to embarrass the family on Sundays because he would sit in the front pew and if he didn’t like what the priest was saying during the homily, he would stand up and verbally confront him. The disagreements would normally be over new Catholic teachings as compared to old Catholic teachings, but my uncle wasn’t a blind follower. He spoke his mind no matter how crazy everyone thought he was. He had something to say and he didn’t care what others thought. How refreshing.

So why in America, a country that prides itself on independent thinkers, are we not seeing a mass exodus from the Catholic Church over the decades of child rape that the church covered up. Sadly, Americans are sheep to be led. It’s a cult and it is very hard to break with the cult, even when your child is being raped behind the alter.

Which leads me to Trump followers, another cult.

After the news broke that Paul Manafort was found guilty by a jury and that Michael Cohen had pleaded guilty and implicated Trump in criminal wrongdoings, I figured that this was the straw that would break the camels back. That these holy rollers would finally have had enough of the daily lies and misdirection’s from Trump and his staff. I should have known better.

The Trump supporters don’t believe any of it. They believe that everyone is out to get their leader and they will blindly follow Trump until the bitter end. I have spoken to several of his followers and it comes down to loyalty to the president, even though these same people didn’t show the same loyalty to Obama.

I see farmers, who are going under because of Trump’s ill-thought tariffs, exclaiming loyalty to him. I see military personnel blindly following him, even though he slanders and lies about their military leaders. I see Republican congressmen who smile and say nothing when asked about Trump lies. Trump is their cult leader, they work for him. America has gone insane.

Donald Trump followers and the Catholic Church followers are exactly what we found sickening about Jim Jones and “The People’s Temple.” Yet they can’t see it. They are fully indoctrinated into their cults. Defend the leader at all costs. Do penance for the wrongs that the leaders have committed. Blindly follow and don’t ask questions.

When given the grape Kool-Aid, these cult followers will drink it down without complaint. As they are choking on it, they will give thanks for Trump and the Pope for allowing them to have a sip of their lies and crimes.

America’s only hope is for free thinkers to rise and demand that the law be followed. Arrest church leaders for covering up priests who have raped our children. Demand that Congress and the courts do their Constitutional mandates to check the power of the Executive Branch. Stop supporting the liar and his lies. Show courage, use your voice, vote and take a stand for truth.

Or say nothing and enjoy your grape Kool-Aid.

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