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Panhandling for police protection!

- Poor neighborhoods need to get their asses in gear and hire cops from the Chief's Overtime program!

- If poor neighborhoods want better police protection they need to hire APD's Human Robot Simon Drobik.

- If poor neighborhoods don't have the money to hire Drobik, they need to sent their dresidents to street corners and intersections and panhandle for it. That's the ABQ way!

What is the deal with all the murders in Albuquerque? Holy crap, it’s like Game of Thrones Albuquerque style. A murder a day, or more. I know who we can blame for the killings ... the neighborhoods and inhabitants of this city. Citizens it’s your fault! You are a lazy bunch Burquenos!

I was looking at the 2019 and 2018 murder map, courtesy of the Albuquerque Journal, and I discovered that places that pay for “extra” police protection, aren’t having any murders! That’s it, those people who live in neighborhoods where crime is rampant, get off your lazy butts and start buying additional police protection from APD! If you want to make your neighborhoods safe, pool your money and hire Simon Drobik (or other APD officers) on Chief’s Overtime (like Glenwood Hills neighborhood does) to provide personalized police protection.

You say you don’t earn enough money to hire extra special APD protection? Don’t blow air up my skirt (I am part Scot)! The rich parts of town know your neighborhoods are full of drug dealers and burglars, just get them to shave off a little extra for some free-market protection. And isn’t that what Chief’s Overtime is? Just allowing taxpayer funded police officers the opportunity to enjoy the open market place? If you can’t buy into the world of protection, well, then you need to get your priorities straight.

In today’s competitive criminal world, expecting your tax dollars to provide for your protection is like finding a condom at Roosevelt Park and thinking you are going to be safe. No, you are not going to be protected, it’s a mess and will fail when you need it the most. It provides false safety, just like all the different public safety taxes and politician promises, that the city councils and mayors have implemented over the years. Expecting your Albuquerque tax dollars to provide you with adequate police protection is like gorging at Taco Bell late at night. Sure, it feels good at the time, but at 3 a.m. you are going to wake up and find you have shit the bed you are sleeping in. (I don’t know this for a fact, it’s what I have been told).

This is what exactly how your two public safety tax dollars have been used to for, making the taxpayer feel good for a moment, right up until they see the crime scene tape in their neighborhood. And there has been a lot of crime scene tape in a lot of poor neighborhoods recently.

Remember, the people in Glenwood Hills (and other wealthy parts of Albuquerque) are just more important that the rest of us. It’s true, just ask them. They know they are more important than you or your kids and they are willing to pay APD for more protection. I guess the takeaway here is poor people hate their children. Why? Because they think their tax dollars will provide them the same protection that rich people get. Cheap bastards! If you love your babies in the International District get out there and make some extra money and pay for Chief’s Overtime. It’s the Albuquerque way.

So, if on any day, your neighborhood resembles the movie “The Purge,” it’s your own damn fault. Take a lesson from the rich, wealthy folks and just pay a little extra for your own personal cop. It’s like going to church and paying a little more for your “Own Personal Jesus” (shout out to Depeche Mode, although I think Johnny Cash did it better). Don’t give me that excuse that you are poor and can’t afford it, where do you think you live … Albuquerque?

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