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ABQ cops ain't gonna cure breast cancer. Pink cop car another dumb and worthless idea.

Guess what, people? And this might shock you, but Albuquerque police officers are not going to find a cure for breast cancer.

I'll say it again. Albuquerque cops are not going to find a cure for breast cancer.

But it sure would be nice if they found your stolen car, wouldn't it? Or maybe solved a couple of homicides? Or responded to 911 calls in minutes instead of hours?

Well, keep dreaming because the latest breaking news out of APD, and obviously, Mayor Tim Keller's office, isn't about cops getting to your house or block quickly when a fiend is trying to break down the door, or when a drug-addled lunatic is chasing your kids down the street.

No, the big and breaking news from APD is that the department has a pink patrol car that they will use during October to raise awareness for their breast cancer awareness campaign. In the photo of APD’s pink patrol car are nine APD officers who, instead of doing real police work, spent hundreds of man hours getting a pink patrol unit. What a waste of police time and resources!

A pink patrol car! Are you impressed? Overjoyed? Do you now feel instantly safer? Are you suddenly canceling plans to leave this crime-ridden hole and move to a safer community in another state? Are you sprinting around the block, waving your arms wildly and shouting jubilantly, “APD has a pink squad car! All is well! We're saved! APD has a pink squad car!”

Of course you're not. And you shouldn't be because APD's pink police car/breast cancer awareness campaign is one of the most idiotic, feel-good and worthless things to come out of the mayor's office and the fifth floor of APD headquarters. It's even dumber than Mayor Keller's wife going down to the border to weep in public before the TV cameras.

I'll say it again, Albuquerque cops aren't going to cure cancer even if every single cop car in the department is painted pink. And let's be real honest here. I don't want cops doing cancer awareness PR campaigns. I want them out catching crooks, car thieves, murderers, rapists and all the other vile criminals out there.

What other news was breaking when APD put out its dumb press release about its pink cop car? Well, CBS reported that Albuquerque is still number one for auto theft in the entire nation, based upon 2018 statistics. Albuquerque was tops in auto theft in 2016, 2017 and again in 2018. But don’t think about the murders and stolen cars, focus on APD and its pink patrol car because it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we need to give the leadership at APD a big hug because they are thinking about cancer and how to solve it.

APD's leadership doesn’t seem to have a plan for how to quash the crime epidemic here, so they divert attention from their failures to feel-good issues.

What will APD leadership do next? I expect to see a new announcement that all APD officers will have cute puppies in their patrol cars. Because everyone knows puppies and kittens get more attention from the local news than crime victims.

Please don’t mention that Albuquerque just had another homicide. Isn’t this 14 murders in 17 days? So many I have lost count. Instead, remember that APD has a pink patrol car, because APD is all about Breast Cancer Awareness! Forget about your murdered family member and your missing car, APD has a pink car! Yippee!

APD spends it’s time and our resources promoting its Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, while Albuquerque’s crime surge spirals out of control. If the leadership at APD and City Hall would spend as much time directing officers to solve crime as they do with this diversion, Albuquerque would be a safer city. Instead we must settle for a pink patrol car, safety be damned.

What's next? How about painting APD patrol units brown with a KY Jelly emblem and truck nutz bumper balls (google it) in celebration of APD’s prostate and testicular cancer awareness month?

APD's next public awareness campaign?

I should say this in jest, but our multi-year crime epidemic is no joking matter. Hey Chief Geier, how about we kill two birds with one stone and have coffee with a cop at the same time the cop gets checks for prostate cancer! Diversion at it’s grossest.

Sadly, I think I just gave Geier and Keller their next PR campaign.

My mom recently passed away from breast cancer. I want to find a cure for all cancers. But I don’t want my police officers taken away from their crime-fighting duties for some ridiculous PR promotion. The picture of the pink cop car that APD issued has nine people, most in APD uniform, standing around it. Couldn’t those nine people be interviewing witnesses for the latest homicides? Or patrolling to find stolen cars? Or doing anything related to police work? Maybe take a 911 call that has been holding for three hours?

Cops need to focus on police work. In a town where crime is raging, using our police officers to do anything but police work is a waste of their time and resources, and it's morally reprehensible.

Police officers should only be used for police work. Albuquerque residents don't care about APD’s breast cancer campaign, and they don’t care about having coffee with a cop. They just want a cop to be there quickly when the leering fiends are trying to beat down the door.

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