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CPOA Executive Director Ed Harness is looking for a job in Fort Worth, Texas.

Ed Harness, the executive director of Albuquerque's Civilian Police Oversight Agency, says he's a finalist for a similar job in Fort Worth, Texas.

Harness, who has been at the CPOA since October of 2015, told Police Oversight Board members of his finalist status for the Fort Worth job in an email Tuesday afternoon.

“Dear Board:

"The purpose of this email is to alert you that I am a finalist to become the Independent Police Monitor of Ft. Worth, TX. Press releases regarding the 5 final candidates will go out either tomorrow or Thursday,” Harness wrote to POB members."

POB member Joanne Fine said Harnes told her Tuesday that he was a candidate for the Fort Worth job. The Fort Worth position was created earlier this year.

According to news reports, the Independent Police Monitor in Fort Worth will lead efforts to form a community police oversight board.

Harness's email to POB members said he hopes they will not hold his job hunt against him if he doesn't get the Fort Worth job.

“If I am not selected or if the offer isn't as initially presented I will continue to diligently carry out my duties here in Albuquerque,” Harness's email said. “My hope is that my application for this position will not be held against me should it not come to fruition.”

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