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Do not vote for Patrick Padilla!

- I'd rather vote for a stream of raw sewage than for Patrick Padilla.

If you plan on voting in the Democratic Party's primary in Bernalillo County in the next couple of weeks, please heed this advice: DO NOT VOTE FOR PATRICK PADILLA for county Treasurer.


You'd be better off voting for a snake or a rat or one of those bats from China. Hell, voting for a stream of raw sewage would be better than voting for Padilla.

Padilla has a long and sordid history in his disgraceful years as Treasurer. He's churned county investments and funneled county investment business to broker pals. And yes, he has lost lots of your--the taxpayers--money. I've covered Padilla on and off since 1988. And now he's running again, challenging incumbent Treasurer Nancy Bearce

Here's a story I did in December 2014 for the Albuquerque Free Press detailing the findings of a damning audit about Padilla's investment practices. It also contains a timeline of all of Padilla's troubles over the years. The story starts on page 5 and continues on page six. Please read it.


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