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Cops slaughtering Americans? Hardly. Fatal shootings were 0.0003 percent of population in 2019. Kill

So cops are waging war on Americans, especially black men, right? Cops are shooting Americans left and right, every chance they get, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in their unrelenting war to kill us all, right? They slaughter tens of thousands of people a year, right?

That's the impression you get from most of the news media, idiot pundits and know-nothing fools on Facebook and Twitter. And that's what you hear from the rioters, arsonists and thieves that have been active in American cities the past several days.

But it's just not true. In fact, police hardly kill anyone. According to the Washington Post's database on police shootings in 2019, police fatally shot 1,004 people last year. That's 1,004 people out of a population of 330 million. That comes out to 0.0003097 percent of the population. For those who can't read decimals, which is most of you, that's three ten-thousandths.

And cops aren't gunning down blacks every chance they get. In fact, last year, cops fatally shot more whites (370) than blacks (235).

When you figure that there are more than 12,000 local police agencies in the U.S.--all of them allegedly gunning for citizens—you'd think there'd be hundreds of thousands of people shot dead by the cops each year. But that's not the case. In fact, cops are remarkably restrained. There are an estimated 686,000 law enforcement officers in the U.S. If they were all looking to kill us, especially blacks, wouldn't we have hundreds of thousands of cop shooting deaths every year?

And here's another thing: proportionality. Cops obviously are prejudiced against men. Last year they fatally shot 961 men (0.0006 percent of the male population) and 43 women (0.000026) percent of the female population). Why aren't they shooting more women? Shouldn't they be evening things out?

So here are some breakdowns on cop shootings in 2019 from the Washington Post:

Total people fatally shot: 1,004; 0.0003097 percent of U.S. population.

Whites killed: 370; 0.00015787 percent of white population.

Blacks killed: 235; 0.00057866 percent of black population.

Hispanics killed: 158; 0.00027959 percent of Hispanic population.

Women killed: 43; 0.000026 percent of female population.

Here's more. Of those 1,004 people who were killed, 760, or 75.7 percent, were armed with a gun or knife when shot. If you pull a gun or knife or club on a cop, you're going to get shot.

I know that most of you won't bother to look at and study the Washington Post's database, but that's expected because most of you operate off emotion, not facts and truth. But the fact is that cops fatally shoot a minuscule number of Americans each year, and they are not waging a war of extermination on anyone.

Here's another fact: most media outlets won't report these stats and percentages, which means they're lying to you.

In a couple of weeks most of you will go back to your keto diets, colon cleanses, worthless and fraudulent detox salads and drinks, avocado toast and celebrity worship. But some of us will know the truth, and eventually the truth will prevail.

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