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"Peaceful" mob attacked guy in Albuquerque before he shot at them

-- Steven Baca was attacked while walking away from the "peaceful" protesters in Old Town.

-- Baca was hit in the face with a skateboard.

-- Have Baca's attackers been arrested and charged? Will they be?

-- Will Mayor Keller denounce Baca's attackers? Does Keller think it's OK to slam someone in the face with a skateboard?

Well, well, it turns out that the "peaceful" protesters in Old Town weren't so peaceful. At least three people attacked Steven Baca, 31, as he was walking away from them as they were trying to yank down the Juan de Oñate y Salazar statue in Old Town last night. Baca shot at the protesters, and hit one, only after he was attacked! Repeat. He shot at them after they attacked him and hit him in the face with a board.

Baca was hit at least twice with a skateboard, and he was tackled to the ground while walking away from the mob. But you don't hear anyone in the news media reporting that? Why not?

Why haven't Keller and Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham denounced Baca's attackers?

It seems like the cops who responded to the shooting at least watched the video. Their police report says:

"The group appeared to maliciously pursue Steven, with several of the crowd's individuals physically striking Steven's body with their hands and legs. Steven was struck by a male individual with what appears to be a green in color longboard ... cell phone footage recorded by a bystander clearly depicts Steven being struck by a longboard followed by being tackled to the ground by the longboard's possessor."

The guy who hit Baca in the face with the board--identified by police as Scott Williams--suffered multiple gunshot wounds to the torso.

Watch the video. Did Baca act in self-defense?

Was the mob justified in attacking him and slamming him with a board?

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