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This is not violence!

-- When the mob commits violence, it's not violence, but rather "justice" righteously and immediately delivered.

-- Slamming someone in the face with a skateboard is not violence when a member of a leftist mob does it, nor is pulling a knife on someone and threatening to kill him.

-- You would think that the leftists mobsters would be thrilled that a man of color defended himself against white-privilege thugs. But no, they go after the brown guy. Are they racist?

We are in strange and dangerous times where the truth is now a lie, what you see is not what you really see, and where violence, when committed by members of a righteous mob, is not violence, but "justice" righteously and immediately delivered.

On Monday evening we had the shooting in Old Town where 31-year-old Steven Baca was attacked by three people and clubbed with a skateboard while he was leaving the protest at the Juan de Oñate y Salazar statue. Baca shot one of his attackers, meaning he shot the guy who slammed him across the face with a skateboard.

The media, Mayor Tim Keller and every skateboard-wielding progressive are denouncing Baca as the personification of evil and of violence. But these people haven't said a word about the thugs who attacked Baca as he was trying to leave the "nonviolent" protest. I repeat, Baca was walking away from the protest.

And you hear nothing from Keller and the others denouncing all those beautiful nonviolent people who tried to pull down and destroy the statue. In Keller's world, destroying public property is not violent behavior. In Keller's world, those trying to protect public property are the brutish thugs.

There are scores of videos about the "peaceful" protest, and many of them show Baca pulling a woman to the ground and pushing another. The righteous justice warriors cite this as an example of Baca's bottomless sense of cruelty and violence. But some of the videos show the woman blocking his way as he tries to get around her. Only after she blocks and obstructs him does he pull her down..

But you won't hear any of this from Keller or the leftists in the mob. When they obstruct someone, break the law and engage in violence, well, it didn't happen.

So let's look at this picture below. It shows the leftist mobster swinging a skateboard at Baca's head. Most of you would consider this an act of violence, but you're wrong. In the mob's world, this didn't happen. Even the news media basically say this never happened. So when you look at this picture, say to yourself. "This is not violence. My eyes and brain are deceiving me and I must repent for seeing things differently than the mob."

Here's another photo of where violence isn't violence. It shows one of Baca's assailants attacking him with what appears to be a knife. You have to tell yourself that your eyes and brain are deceiving you. Why? Because the leftist mob said it didn't happen. If you watch the many videos of the shooting you will hear one of Baca's attackers scream, "I'm going to kill you." That sounds like a threat of violence, but it's not. Why not? Because the mob says it's not!

These next two pictures are exactly what they seem, though. One is of white guys who showed up to the protest with guns being arrested by cops. The second is of a black guy with a gun at the same protest. He apparently wasn't arrested. Why? Because, according to the mob, Keller and the media--and now, apparently, the cops--white guys, free-speechers and conservatives with guns are dangerous criminals, while mob members with guns are peaceful, nonviolent little lambs.

Now let's get to another thing about this story and how you will have to change your opinions and beliefs. We've been told that people of color are the oppressed and that privileged white people are the oppressors, right? Of course we have. So you would think that Keller, the mob, the media, and even law enforcement officials, would be thrilled that Baca, a man of color, stood up to and defended himself against the white privilege mobsters who threatened to kill him, attacked him and slammed him in the head with a skateboard.

But no. Baca, who was attacked and threatened with death by a white guy, is the villain. Why? Because it's OK when white liberals, progressives and mobsters harm people of color. Here's the rule: Liberal whites have more privilege than anyone else, and when they do and say things that are racist, it's not really racism.

Here's one last thing about all of this and when what you see and here is not really what you see and hear:

Tim Keller has the title of mayor. Don't believe it. He's not a real mayor in that he represents all 560,000 Albuquerqueans. He's a pathetic goof and member of the mob.

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