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Vile, stinking hypocrites

“If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.”--Abraham Maslow

-- But when the cops actually do what the politicians order them to do and enforce the oppressive laws that the politicians have enacted, the vile, filthy, stinking hypocrites blame and attack the cops.

Politicians are strange people. Actually many are vile hypocrites. And I mean that. Vile.

Mayors, governors, legislators, all around the nation, have jumped on the bandwagon of police reform, at least in their rhetoric. When it comes to their actions, not so much, and usually just the opposite.

A perfect example of this is the number of elected officials demanding that the public wear facemasks and threatening them with intervention and arrest by police officers if they refuse to wear them. What? Aren’t these the same politicians who complain about police officers abusing their authority? That police officers are being used in places where they really shouldn’t be used? Now they're siccing cops on millions of Americans—law-abiding Americans—for not wearing masks?

I thought we were supposed to get cops out of our lives. Can you shout, “HYPOCRITES!”?

A great example of this is the Miami-Dade area, where several mayors have announced they will have police officers enforcing mandatory face mask laws. If you don’t wear a facemask you can be charged with a misdemeanor and face jail time and a hefty fine. But is this what we really want our police officers doing?

I can see the video now of police officers in a violent confrontation with some old Florida dude, with a “Don’t tread on me” t-shirt, tackling him to the ground and forcibly putting a mask on his face. We will all get to see it on the 6 p.m. news. Better yet, how about watching the video where officers are having to fight with blacks or Hispanics to enforce this insanity. Can you see the trouble this causes?

Can you shout, “HYPOCRITES!”?

This is our political system, elected officials who express outrage at the police when they are forced to use force to enforce ridiculous laws—stupid, idiotic, horrible laws that the politicians themselves have passed. Mayors and governors who then go on CNN and cry elephant tears of outrage and promise that they will reform the police. Right up to the moment a crisis hits and then they dump everything right back onto cops to handle societies troubles.

Can you shout, “VILE HYPOCRITES!”?

Remember Eric Garner? He was killed because New York City decided that once you buy a pack of cigarettes you aren’t allowed to sell individual cigarettes from what you purchased. Why? Because by selling individual smokes on the street, Garner deprived the city and state of tax revenue. Money for politicians and for government. That's what cost Eric Garner his life. These people we elect into office promise vision, but they have none. They see every problem as a nail and therefore they use the police as their hammer. But when the cops actually do what the politicians order them to do and enforce the oppressive laws that the politicians have enacted, the vile, filthy, stinking hypocrites blame and attack the cops.

Just look at New Mexico where Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham has used her state police to cite business owners who violate HER—not the Legislature's—pandemic orders. This is the same governor who is demanding police reform, yet she uses her police as a hammer against business owners to enforce what should be department of health orders. Apparently, she hasn’t learned anything from the recent social justice movements. She talks a good story, but the ending is always the same. If you don’t comply, I’ll sic my cops on you.


If our elected officials need to enforce pandemic orders, they should not use police officers to enforce them. Send out the social workers to do it. If these politicians really want to reform the police, it starts with the politicians themselves. They should stop passing vile, oppressive laws that are designed to fill government coffers with fine money. And they should stop the practice of turning cops into tax collectors.

They need to find another way. They need to stop making everything a criminal violation. Or they need to stop lying to us about reform.

But they won't. Why? Because these people are vile, filthy, stinking, disgusting hypocrites. And remember this: you voted for them.

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