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County commissioner tells constituent not to email him

Bernalillo County Commission Jim Collie apparently doesn't understand the role of a public official.

One June 29, Collie told one of his constituents—an American, Albuquerque resident, taxpayer and voter—not to email him. Collie told the American citizen and taxpayer to not email him at his government—meaning taxpayer funded--email account.

(Photo: Idiot Bernalillo County Commissioner Jim Collie.)

The citizen that Collie tried to order into silence is Pete Dinelli, a lawyer, former city councilor, former judge, former prosecutor and former mayoral candidate who is now a blogger who often rips politicians and public officials. Oh, and Dinelli lives in the county commission district whose citizens—every single one of them—Collie is supposed to represent.

But it looks like Collie wants only some of his constituents—the people who are his bosses—to contact him. Last week Dinelli wrote an article that slammed white progressive city councilor Patrick Davis for having shot a black man in 2004 when he (Davis) was a Washington, D.C. police officer. Dinelli also told citizens that white progressive Davis was arrested for drunken driving in July 2013 while driving on south Broadway Boulevard.

If you know Albuquerque, you know that that south Broadway is a minority area, which means that in driving drunk through the area, white progressive Davis was endangering the lives of people of color. Read it again: White, progressive privileged Pat Davis endangered the lives of people of color!

And at the time, the white privileged progressive Pat Davis didn't repent for endangering the lives of minorities. He fought the DWI charge! He did not repent and he did not kneel!

So yesterday Dinelli emailed County Commissioner Collie a link to his latest story about Davis. In response, Collie told Dinelli to remove him (Collie) from Dinelli's email list. Dinelli, in a classic and absolutely wonderful reply, basically told him to fuck off. Here's the exchange:

From: To: Sent: 6/29/2020 11:28:25 AM Mountain Standard Time Subject: Re: Dinelli Blog article: “Pat Davis Booted From Judicial Selection Commission; Same Political Consultant Behind Pat Davis, DA Raul Torrez And Mayor Tim Keller; Davis Needs Step Down As City Council President Or Be Removed By City Council Vote


Thank you for your email which is the very first I have received from you as my County Commissioner. take strong exception to your request to remove BC Commision District 3 from my distribution list. You are my my County Commissioner and the email address is a government funded email and unless your prepared to ask the same of all your constituents, do not ask me again.

Yes, I am a lawyer and know how the Judicial Selection Commission works. Had you read the entire blog article, you would have seen that in the Postscript is does give an a very detail explantion how it works.

My blog is a political that gives news first and then followed by political commentary and analysis. The headline is legitimate political commentary. To quote the blog article :

The Court of Appeals Judicial Selection Commission Pat Davis was appointed to was to fill both the vacancies of retiring Judges Court of Appeals Judge Linda Vanzi and New Mexico Supreme Court Justice Judith Nakamura. Now that Justice Nakamura is no longer retiring, the Court of Appeals Commission no longer needs to meet to fill her vacancy. Judicial Selection Commission members remain the same as vacancies occur. Therefore, based on the text, Davis has been booted from the Court of Appeals Judicial selection commission. The Court of Appeals Judicial selection commission will convene when Chief Justice Nakamura does retire and Pat Davis will not be on it, hence he has been booted."

Your snide remark that the "headline sounds too much like news from the White House" was really uncallled for given the numerous bog articles that I have written condemning Trump. I started the blog in November, 2016, and since then have written 963 article. I cover and comment on city, county, state and national politics. Only 24 of my article actually mention Pat Davis.

Thanks for your service on the County Commission and I am confident your replacement will do a much better job than you have.

In a message dated 6/29/2020 8:57:38 AM Mountain Standard Time, writes:

Hi Pete – please remove BC Commission District 3 from your distribution list.

You’re a lawyer. You know how Judicial Commissions work. Your misleading headline sounds too much like news from the White House. I’ve been meaning to get off your list for some time for similar issues.


Jim Collie

So, Collie told one of his bosses--that's right, public officials and employees work for us, in case you have forgotten--that he could not email him. Why? Does Collie want to hear only from residents who agree with him? Is Collie discriminating against voters whose views differ from his?

If you think that Collie is wrong for telling a voter not to email him at a taxpayer-funded email account, bombard him with emails. His public email account is:

And while you are at it, thank Dinelli for letting a politician know who his bosses are.

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