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White supremacy! White liberal carpetbagger senator orders Hispanic sheriff in New Mexico to resign

You've got to give it to today's liberals and progressives. They engage in doublespeak, triple and quadruple speak, and they are hypocrites to the umpteenth power. But they go about their hypocrisy—and their pursuit of absolute power—and double and triple standards without a bit of shame, embarrassment, remorse or guilt.

The libs, leftists and progressives constantly denounce white privilege, but in the very next breath they are throwing around their white privilege like, well, like slave owners and Nineteenth Century white supremacists. The very white progressives who denounce white privilege are the ones who exercise it the most.

The latest example of this sickening hypocrisy comes from whiter-than-white U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich, a New Mexico Democrat, and carpetbaggers Pat Davis, an Albuquerque city councilor, and Albuquerque Police Chief Mike Geier. On Tuesday, white man Heinrich, who came to New Mexico in 1995, told Bernalillo County Sheriff Manny Gonzales, a native New Mexican and life-long Albuquerque resident, to resign.


Because Gonzales, the duly ELECTED sheriff, was going to meet with President Trump on Wednesday about using federal law enforcement officers to help control and reduce Albuquerque's runaway crime. To libs like Heinrich, meeting with anyone—even a janitor—in the Trump administration is apparently a worse crime than rape, murder, carjacking and voting for Libertarians.

Here's what the whiter-than-white Heinrich told the Albuquerque Journal about Gonzales's sin of thinking for himself:

“But Sen. Heinrich called for Gonzales to resign, saying he doesn’t represent Bernalillo County, and needs to step aside to 'make room for someone who will make maintaining the peace and promoting the safety and protection' of residents a top priority.

“'Instead of collaborating with the Albuquerque Police Department, the Sheriff is inviting the President’s storm troopers into Albuquerque,” Heinrich wrote in a statement. “If we can learn anything from Portland, it’s that we don’t need this kind of ‘help’ from the White House. The President is currently using federal law enforcement agents like a domestic paramilitary force. That’s precisely how fascism begins and none of us should ever encourage or accept it.'”

Carpetbagger Heinrich also said that Gonzales doesn't represent Bernalillo County and doesn't know what its citizens need and want.

Well, let's look at who really knows the county. Gonzales was born and raised in the South Valley. And Heinrich? Born in Nevada and raised in Missouri. Gonzales has lived here all his life. Heinrich came here in 1995 from Missouri.

While Gonzales has said that his mission is to keep the residents of Bernalillo County safe, reduce crime and put rapists, murders, carjackers, burglars and other fiends in prison, Heinrich has engaged in the most vile, disgusting and dangerous hyperbole and liberal speak. The whiter-than-white Heinrich called federal law enforcement officers “storm troopers.”

(Photo: White privilege at work. Liberal U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich, D-NM, demands that Hispanic Sheriff Manny Gonzales resign.)

Here's the definition of “storm trooper” from Webster's dictionary: “A member of a private Nazi army notorious for aggressiveness, violence and brutality.”

So now, all federal law enforcement officers, including the men and women who are guarding the federal courthouse in Portland and preventing it from further being vandalized, graffitied, and burned down are Nazi storm troopers? So, every single federal law enforcement officer is attacking and brutalizing Jews and sending them off to the ovens?

Heinrich is saying that federal police, the ones who guard him in the halls of Congress, are storm troopers? That it’s just fine for those officers to protect him and his colleagues, but send them to protect citizens, many of them minorities, in a crime-ridden city to help catch violent killers and they become storm troopers?

Geier, Heinrich and Davis are all white apologists for white privilege. Their white privilege now allows them to tell a duly elected Hispanic sheriff from Albuquerque’s South Valley to resign. Why? Because their white power knows better than his brown skin.

Heinrich, Keller, Geier and Davis have done nothing to stop the explosion of crime in Albuquerque. Geier, Keller and Davis attempted to tell us crime had dropped immensely in 2019 (everyone who lives here knew that wasn’t true) only to have to admit their numbers were completely wrong and crime had risen. Was this just a mistake, like the many mistakes Geier, Keller and Davis have made? Or were they caught red-handed trying to lie to the citizens? Compare that with crime in Bernalillo County where Sheriff Gonzales is in charge. Crime is down there, go figure. But these wealthy white men of privilege have the audacity to tell Gonzales he should resign and go back to the South Valley!

What has Heinrich done to help stem the crime crisis in Albuquerque? Nothing. I doubt Heinrich has ever spent a night in the War Zone (err, International District) where gunfire is heard all the time. No, Heinrich keeps himself and his family safe back in the rich white suburbs of Washington, D.C., where his rich white privilege is safe because it is protected by those very federal police officers that he tells Albuquerque residents are storm troopers. Heinrich wants to keep Albuquerque in a constant crime crisis, while he and his family live safely in white suburbia.

And what has Davis done to stop crime for his council district? Nothing. Davis' white privilege know-it-all behavior to his minority-majority district has caused it to spiral with out of control crime. That’s why neighborhood groups and businesses in Davis’ district requested Sheriff Gonzales to come in and help clean it up, which he has, much to Davis' white privilege angst and embarrassment.

The proof is in the statistics. Albuquerque is still a crime-ridden, unsafe city that Heinrich rarely visits. Gonzales has made the county relatively safe in comparison.

The beauty of Manny Gonzales is this: He knows that no white privileged progressive will ever vote for him. He is the stand-up-for himself Hispanic that white liberals and progressives always fear.

and hate. They can't control Sheriff Gonzales. He won’t take orders from white males of white privilege. This scares these white male virtue-signaling progressives more than anything in the world. Gonzales is a person of color who wants to lead, not follow.

At the next election, Albuquerque will have had 12 years of rich, white male, white privilege leadership, and all we have to show for it is crime that is out of control, a downtown that has been looted by anarchists and a police department that is not only under a DOJ consent decree, but is now the target of criminal investigations by the State Auditor and Attorney General.

Keller, Geier, Davis and Heinrich all tell Gonzales that he should embrace the current APD. The current APD that cannot control the tsunami crime wave, the APD that is still under DOJ reform (costing us millions each year), the APD that is being criminally investigated for fraud by both the New Mexico Attorney General and the State Auditor, the APD that is ordered to hide from rioters and looters because white male privilege is afraid to confront them, and the APD that lied to all of us about crime statistics.

Gonzales is correct to stay away from embracing APD. The current management and leadership at APD is like a COVID-19 carrier and it will infect all of those people who embrace it.

Those white privilege people only want people of color that they still control. Gonzales is not that man. He thinks for himself, lives in his community and acts in the best interests of his constituents. That angers white privilege supremacists like Heinrich, Keller, Davis and Geier. These white privilege men know they are better than brown-skinned Gonzales, and they believe they must put Gonzales in his place. They believe that Gonzales should not have a voice independent of their all-knowing, white privilege men thoughts.

Heinrich talks about fascism. Here's the definition of it: “A political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts the nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation and forcible suppression of opposition.”

So, Sheriff Manny Gonzales dares to think for himself, and white man Heinrich calls for his resignation and tries to drag him back to the plantation and chile fields. Gonzales, a Hispanic, thinks for himself, and whiter-than-white Heinrich demands his resignation. Who is the fascist?

Will Heinrich ride a horse, tie a rope around Gonzales and drag him back to the plantation? Well, demanding that Sheriff Gonzales resign for daring to think for himself and to be his own man is the same thing.

So here's our advice to Sheriff Gonzales:

Manny, refuse to go back to the chile fields. Continue to disagree with your whiter-than-white overseer, U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich. Just say, “White male privilege has driven New Mexico and Albuquerque into the dust long enough. You privileged white males do not care for New Mexico and the people of this state. You only care about your white privilege, your white power and your white wealth. That changes today!”

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