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Guess who asked for federal troops, er, law enforcement assistance last year? The same hypocrites w

New Mexico has a privileged white male problem. A problem that is full of carpetbaggers and hypocrites who virtue signaling their apologies for being privileged white males in one breath, while viciously attacking minority leaders in the next one.

Bernalillo County Sheriff Manuel Gonzales III had the audacity to cross these privileged white males recently. All he did was accept 35 additional federal law enforcement officers (FBI, DEA, ATF, US Marshals) and millions in federal funding to help stem the tide of violent crime that has ravaged Albuquerque. And what did Sheriff Gonzales get for his reaching across the aisle for help to make Albuquerque safe? Demands that he resign from power hungry white male apologists.

This is sadly hypocritical when you realize that two of those privileged white males that were so upset at Gonzales were Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller and Albuquerque Police Chief Mike Geier, both of whom welcomed President Trump’s assistance back in November of 2019, after the murder of Jacquelyn Vigil. Yes, that’s right, they both embraced the help of the federal government law enforcement to come to Albuquerque and help stem the crime tide and there was no outrage from establishment democrats.

Eight months and dozens of more murders (most unsolved) later and Sheriff Gonzales goes to Washington, D.C. to accept more law enforcement aid from President Trump, and the New Mexico white privilege power base exploded with outrage.

Here is a short list of all the privileged white men who run New Mexico who didn’t say a word when “whitey” Keller and Geier accepted Trump's help but expressed outrage that Gonzales (not a white guy) did the same.

Senator (the guy from Missouri who never seems to come back to Albuquerque until campaign season) Martin Heinrich, Albuquerque City Councilor (white man who shot a black man) Pat Davis, ACLU Executive Director (who is supposed to represent unpopular minority opinions and protect the 1st Amendment) Peter Simonson, Albuquerque Mayor (and best looking privileged white guy, sorry Peter) Tim Keller, Albuquerque Police Chief (guy who never knew that blood in a 7 year old girls’ underwear might be evidence of a crime) Mike Geier, to name just a few.

Heinrich demanded Gonzales resign and accused him of poorly running his department. Heinrich is confusing Gonzales with Geier and APD, because it is BCSO that has reduced crime in their jurisdiction. While Geier got caught lying about crime stats in 2019. Geier oversaw a record number of homicides (most unsolved) in 2019 and now Geier’s department is under criminal investigation for fraud by the Attorney General and State Auditor. Yes, Heinrich, who lives in Washington, D.C., must be confused. It must be that damn white privilege rearing its ugly head. I am sure Heinrich will apologize to Sheriff Gonzales when he believes it will gain him Hispanic votes at the next election.

Minority named privileged power people who also hammered on Gonzales were: Governor (who sent her own state police to enforce laws in Albuquerque last year) Michelle Lujan-Grisham, Attorney General (the guy who had to take over the abuse case of the 7 year old girl from Geier and now is investigating Geier’s department for fraud) Hector Balderas and District Attorney (who announced in 2019 that he was referring cases to federal courts) Raul Torrez.

Torrez wanted the feds (President Trumps’ people) to take over cases in Albuquerque because his office needed help, but now he says he acts like an outsider warning federal law enforcement to stay within their traditional crime fighting roles. Grisham saw Albuquerque becoming a cartel city with all the violence to go with it and didn’t blink an eye about sending her uniformed officers to patrol Albuquerque streets. Now she expresses outrage that some additional FBI agents are coming to federally charge our criminal element.

Do you see the hypocritical double speak from these power privileged individuals?

Now for some reason Secretary of State Toulouse-Oliver decided to jump on the “trash Sheriff Gonzales” bandwagon, by stating that she is worried federal agents in Albuquerque will intimidate voters. Exactly how this will happen she doesn’t say and probably doesn’t know, but I am sure she feels this will play well for her progressive left base that hates anything Trump related.

Another partisan comment came from Congresswoman Deb Haaland who accused Gonzales of being Trumps “accomplice in deploying federal law enforcement officers into Albuquerque to harass communities and divide us.” This is weird because Haaland has been sponsor of several bills (Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act, Securing Urgent Resources Vital to Indian Victim Empowerment Act, Studying the Missing and Murdered Indian Crisis Act, Native Youth & Tribal Officer Protection Act, Savanna’s Act, Justice for Native Survivors of Sexual Violence Act and BADGES for Native Communities Act) all of which provide for federal funding and increased federal law enforcement in tribal areas, which is sorely needed.

Haaland wants federal law enforcement assistance and funding for tribal lands, but apparently, she doesn’t think natives and citizens who live in Albuquerque deserve the same protection. Why else would she accuse the same federal law enforcement she wants on tribal land of just being a bunch of harassers if they are deployed to Albuquerque?

I am no Trump supporter, but I agree with Sheriff Gonzales that loyalty to our community is more important than to political party. The power hungry Democratic establishment would do well to remember this.

It is people like Heinrich and Simonson who are so blinded by hate for anything Trump, that they are willing to harm New Mexico citizens, who should be resigning

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