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Will white privilege Heinrich order a Hispanic congresswoman to resign?

Liberal white privilege U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich must be going crazy, we mean head-exploding insane. The whiter-than-white Heinrich this past week told Democratic County Sheriff Manny Gonzales to resign for the sin of daring to think for himself, meet with President Trump and accept Trump's help in fighting crime here.

The whiter-than-white Heinrich basically pulled white privilege and ordered a Hispanic man to resign. Man, talk about white supremacy!

Now the white privilege senator will have to order a Hispanic congresswoman from New Mexico to resign. And we can't wait to see him publicly, loudly and angrily scold and demean Second Congressional District Rep. Xochitl Torres Small, a Democrat, and order her to resign.

(Photo: U.S. Rep. Xochitl Torres Small)

You see, Torres Small has committed the same unforgivable sin that Gonzales did. She worked with President Trump. Yikes! And in a recent TV commercial, Torres Small said she has worked with other Republicans. And she mentioned Trump in her ad! Not only that, but she mentioned Republicans before she did Democrats!

Here's the text of her ad:

“In a crisis, we can either pull together or turn on each other. I'm Xochitl Torres Small, and in New Mexico we have each other's backs. That's why I put politics aside and worked with Republicans, Democrats and President Trump to pass the Coronavirus relief plan to help families, small businesses and healthcare workers affected by the pandemic. I'll work with anyone who wants to deliver for New Mexico. I'm Xochitl Torres Small and I approve this message.”

Martin, is your head exploding? Are you pissed that a Hispanic woman can think for herself and doesn't take orders from liberal, white privilege males like you?

Martin, will you publicly attack Congresswoman Torres Small like you attacked Sheriff Gonzales? Will you wield your white privilege against this Hispanic woman? Will you demand that Congresswoman Torres Small resign?

(Photo: Will whiter-than-white Senator Martin Heinrich order a Hispanic congresswoman to resign?)

Martin, if you're going to be consistent and not be a triple and quadruple hypocrite, you have to order Congresswoman Torres Small to resign. Will you do it?


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