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Guy assaulted by armed BLM protester wants to prosecute. Will DA Torrez help him?

Well, you all should know the answer to the question in the headline, and it's probably "No and hell no!" and "Stop expecting that I actually do my job."

In fact, Bernalillo County District Attorney Raul Torrez has already refused to comment on the incident, telling the guys at ABQ Raw that he had no comment when they asked him if he would prosecute the woman who attacked the flag-waving American during a BLM protest on Civic Plaza on July 19.

But that was before we found the guy who was attacked. His name is Andrew Lopez, he's 57 years old, he's a U.S. Army veteran and he now wants to prosecute the woman who attacked him and pushed him to the ground.

ABQ Raw saw Lopez at a rally in Santa Fe and put us in contact with him. The New Mexico native said he initially told Albuquerque police that he didn't want to prosecute the woman. Why? Because, Lopez said, "The cops asked me if I wanted to press charges. I said I didn't because she's young and she'll get karma."

But that was before Lopez saw photos of the attack and saw that she was armed with a large knife.

"I changed my mind. I didn't know she had that big-ass knife," Lopez told ABQReport. "I don't know if she id a paid agitator or what."

Lopez, who says he served in the Army from 1981-1984, said he didn't retaliate against his attacker because he didn't want to hit a woman. But the armed woman, who, by the way, was violating Mayor Tim Keller's order that all deadly weapons be banned from Civic Plaza, got part of the karma Lopez mentioned. He said that after he got up from the pavement she tried to attack him a second time. At that point, cops pepper-sprayed her.

Lopez said he didn't go to Civic Plaza looking for trouble. He was there to attend a rally protesting Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham's order that all state residents wear masks when they leave their homes. But the BLM protesters hijacked that protest, and Lopez said he was caught up in that.

"If I had known that BLM was there I would not have showed up," Lopez said. "Everyone was wearing black masks. When they saw my flag they surrounded me. I was surprised that they disrespected the flag. They said I was stepping on their territory. They did not want the flag displayed at all, and that started it. They said, 'You are on our turf, leave right now. And what are you doing with that American flag?' I told them that BLM is a bad sect. I said, 'You guys are supporting a bad organization.' I told them that the flag represents freedom, liberty and prosperity, and they did not want to hear that."

So DA Torrez, Mr. Lopez wants to prosecute the armed woman who pushed him to the ground during a "peaceful" protest. Will you help him? We've got his phone number and can put you in touch with him. We'll be waiting.

Below is video of the incident from ABQ Raw and their commentary about Torrez's hypocrisy.

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