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In case you missed these stories this past week

There were two huge stories this past week that we wrote about and that are big--make that massive--trouble for Mayor Tim Keller, progressives, rioters and the defund the police crowd.

The first story was about an stunning letter that U.S. Attorney for New Mexico, John Anderson, sent to Keller. The letter was sent just days after Keller and Democrats and so-called progressives likened federal law enforcement officers to Jew-killing Nazis. Anderson basically called Keller a liar and a hypocrite. He pointed out that crime in ABQ is out of control and that Keller lied to all of us about the city not getting a federal crime-fighting grant. Here's the story:

The second story was just as bad for the "We hate the cops" crowd. A poll--done in January before all the craziness started--found that 67 percent of ABQ residents think that crime is getting worse and that 83 percent want more cops, not fewer of them. It's huge. Here's that story:

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