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Mayor Daley, we could use you now

It was April 7, 1968, and Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley had had enough. Enough of the rioters that were burning, looting and destroying vast portions of the city's West Side. Enough of the criminals who were shooting and throwing bricks at firefighters who were trying to put out dozens of fires. Enough of rioters who were burning down their own neighborhoods and destroying things for all law-abiding citizens.

So Daley, a Democrat, issued his famous "Shoot to kill" order. The libs and media types howled. Apparently they sided with, supported and loved arsonists and looters. But the people of the city of Chicago overwhelmingly supported Daley. He won reelection to a fifth term in 1971 with 70 percent of the vote.

Here's Daley issuing the order:

Contrast that with today's "We surrender to the rioters and to the mobs" mayors of Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis and Lori Lightfoot of Chicago. I wonder what regular citizens of these cities think--citizens who aren't rioting, committing arson, stealing, and attacking cops and dragging innocent citizens from their cars and beating them?

To all of you who aren't rioting, burning, looting and trying to kill your fellow citizens: was Mayor Daley right?

Right now I think we all need Richard J. Daley of the city of Chicago.

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