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A real mayor and police chief vs pretenders Keller and Geier

What do real mayors and police chiefs do when cops are caught and charged with stealing from the public through overtime fraud? The exact opposite of pretenders and frauds Tim Keller and Mike Geier.

The real ones get pissed, denounce the alleged crime and the alleged criminals and shout that they are disgusted that public servants, especially cops, would try to ripoff the taxpayers.

That's what happened in Boston this week when nine current and former Boston cops were charged by the feds with stealing $200,000 of taxpayer money in a multi-year overtime fraud scam. The cops are charged with billing their fellow citizens for time they didn't work.

Here's what Boston Police Commissioner William Gross said after the cops were indicted on Tuesday, (Sept. 1):

“I hold my officers to the highest standards and expect them to obey all the laws that they have taken an oath to uphold. News of these indictments sends a strong message that this type of behavior will not be tolerated or ignored and can damage the trust my officers have worked so hard to build with the communities we serve.” Gross also said that the three officers who are still in the department have been suspended without pay pending the outcome of the case.

Boston Mayor Martin Walsh was just as harsh. He called the allegations “an affront to the thousands of police officers who do their jobs every day with honesty, integrity, and bravery.”

(Photo: ABQ's two frauds: Geier and Keller.)

He added: “I am outraged and, quite frankly, outright disgusted at the utter breach of trust by these nine individuals at the Boston Police Department. I commend Commissioner Gross and our federal partners for bringing these actions to light.”

Now compare those statements to those of our sissified little pretenders Geier and Keller. Last year when the Civilian Police Oversight Agency recommended that then-APD spokesman Simon Drobik be fired for violating department policy 51 times in an overtime game, Geier just shrugged, apologized for Drobik and blamed it all on previous police chiefs. And even though Drobik violated APD policy 51 times by working Chief's Overtime when he was on call as the department's PIO, Geier didn't even discipline him.

No suspension, no reprimand, no angry words about the need to uphold honesty and integrity, not a word about the public's money. No, Old Grandpa Mike just smiled and tried to pretend it didn't happen. And, in a truly disgusting statement, he blamed it on past police chiefs—apparently—that Drobik sometimes billed all of us for more work in a day than there are hours in a day. And he didn't seem the slightest bit concerned that Drokik was working every day of the week for what seemed like months straight. Here's what Grandpa Mike told the CPOA about Drobik:

And what about "Smiling, and Later Weeping at the Border" Mayor Timmy? Well, last year when ABQReport broke the news about Drobik's massive overtime claims, Timmy said he'd investigate. And then nothing happened. That is until this year when we reported that Drobik had never left the overtime train and that he was on track to make a stunning $247,000 this year—for a patrol officer whose base salary is $31.50 an hour! And don't forget that in 2018, the Human Robot was paid $192,973 by all of us.

It wasn't long after we broke the story this year about Drobik's overtime claims that the State Auditor's Office told us that it was investigating APD's overtime practices. Then the Attorney General's Office jumped in and launched a potential criminal probe into APD and its overtime game.

What did our two pretenders say about that? Nothing. But it wasn't long after the State Auditor announced its probe that we heard that Drobik had suddenly retired from the police department he so loved and so often gave 20 hours of his days to. The pretenders Keller and Geier told us that APD had started an Internal Affairs investigation into overtime claims at the department. Our guess is that they were trying to make it appear that they had taken control of the situation before the Auditor and AG launched their probes.

So there it is. Guys in Boston who get pissed when cops appear to have gone bad, and baby little sissies in Albuquerque who think it's OK if you get robbed by public servants.

Why do you tolerate these people?

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