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24 homicides & counting

February 26, 2021

24 Homicides in Albuquerque so far in 2021

21 murders.

What is the difference between a homicide and a murder?

Not all homicides are murders, however, all killings of a human by another human are considered homicides. ABQREPORT believes that just tracking “murders” gives the community a false impression of the level of violence in Albuquerque. It is this definition of homicide that more accurately describes what is happening in a community. Do you feel any safer when APD refuses to count what they consider to be “justified” homicides? Of course you don’t, all violent deaths of a human by another human must be counted as homicide to give the community a correct accounting of the violence in Albuquerque. Every time there is a homicide we will post an update and link to the Albuquerque Journal “Murder Map”. The folks at the Journal do a great job keeping this updated and the only statistics they don’t track are the homicides that are considered “justified”. Hopefully we can convince them to either start counting all the homicides, or change the name of the map to Albuquerque Murders. This link will show you how bad the murder rate and clearance rate, has been in Albuquerque since 2017.

The last homicide was February 20, 2021 (APD shot and killed Claude Trevino)

Albuquerque went 5 days without a homicide.

Still pending more complete explanations are the incidents below.

Three “accidental deaths” in Westgate

Two “suspicious deaths” SE house fire

There have been 3 “justified” homicides so far in 2021, they are:

The man APD killed on February 20

Ruben Parra, killed on February 25

Mark Padilla, killed on January 9

Therefore ABQREPORT more accurately states that there have been 24 homicides in Albuquerque since the start of 2021, with an additional 5 deaths that we are waiting for more investigation on.

We will continue to update this every time a new homicide happens.

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