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Former APD Chief Joe Polisar: Department's slide is “shameful.”

-- APD has about the same number of cops as it did 23 years ago in 1997. But back then, the city's population was 450,000. Now it's 560,000. That's 110,00 more people, but the same number of cops.

-- APD's slide is "shameful," says Polisar. "It breaks my heart."

-- Joe Polisar was APD chief from June 1994 to November 1997, during Marty Chavez's first mayoral term. He follows APD and ABQReport and sent this email to ABQReport columnist Dan Klein, who is a retired APD sergeant. Polisar gave us permission to publish it.


FYI, to put your data into better context allow me to share this:

When I retired on November 30, 1997, APD had 920 sworn on the payroll with a 928 authorized strength. Say what you will about (Mayor) Marty (Chavez) but he delivered on his promise to give APD more cops during his first term, and I took advantage as best I could. Mind you that 920 number was not including retiree rehires, Airport Police, etc. So fast forward to today and APD is at about the same number of officers as a quarter century ago??? Shameful. It breaks my heart to see what has become of our beloved department. From THE premier law enforcement department in the state of NM (even the Southwest) to a shadow of its former self.

So glad I'm retired and living in the county,



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