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Hypocrite feds make local cops do their dirty work

By Dan Klein

Photos courtesy of Boring Media Group

The Department of Justice comes into cities and counties and demands local police be transparent. That local cops need to be open and responsive to the community they serve. That local cops need to record interviews and interactions with all citizens. But what does the DOJ require from their own cops — U.S.Marshals, DEA, Homeland Security, ATF, FBI, etc? None of it.

The Washington Post recently reported on how the DOJ still does not require the FBI to record interviews and how body cameras are nonexistent on DOJ law enforcement officers.

The DOJ is a bunch of hypocrites, demanding of local cops what they refuse to require for their own

Now we have N.M. State Police officer Darian Jarrott, brutally gunned down by a known drug runner while doing a traffic stop for Homeland Security. What does the DOJ say about this? Nothing. No comment.

The DOJ refuses to answer any questions surrounding the events that cost officer Jarrott his life. I suppose federal law enforcement officers are just more special than the local cops, in the eyes of the DOJ.

Jarrott’s widow has now retained Albuquerque attorney Sam Bregman to get to the truth of how and why her husband was gunned down on Interstate 10, all while Homeland Security officers watched and did nothing to help him.

This is the transparency we get from the feds. A do-as-I-say, not-as-I-do, attitude that it shoves down the throats of local law enforcement, while DOJ attorneys and law enforcement circle their wagons for their own special “blue wall of silence”.

It is my own personal belief the DOJ has a mandate for its law enforcement officers not to get into a use-of-force situations. The DOJ wants federal cops to call in the local cops to do their dirty work. The DOJ doesn’t want federal police shooting or fighting with people, that would look horrible in the eyes of the media. Why? Because the DOJ presents itself as the overseers who can do no wrong. The DOJ makes sure its cops don’t actually do police work that might result in use of force issues, that way its civil rights division can come in and point a crooked finger at the local cops who the feds task with the dirty work.

I hope Bregman exposes the entire hypocrisy of the DOJ. The public deserves to know the truth about Officer Jarrott and why the DOJ Homeland Security officers had him stop a man that they failed to disclose was violently dangerous. The public deserves to know why the Homeland Security officers didn’t do the work themselves, were they scared? Minutes after Jarrott’s murder the Homeland Security officers stroll up to Jarrott’s lifeless body dressed up like Rambo commandos. One of the Homeland Security officers has gear like a combat medic would carry. Why? Other Homeland Security officers walk up with AR15 rifles slung on their chests, like they are ready for combat that they made sure they didn’t participate in.

It doesn’t do any damn good to dress like a warrior if you are too damn scared to actually act like one.

Where are the protesters in front of federal buildings shouting Darian Jarrott’s name?

Why is the DOJ silent? Maybe Federal Judge Browning can ask the DOJ these questions the next time they are in court complaining about APD officers.


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