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Is ABQ Hong Kong West?

By Dennis Domrzalski and Dan Klein

U.S. District Court Judge James Browning will have to decide whether we live in the United States of America, or whether we live in Communist China.

Browning will have to decide whether Americans are free to to express their own thoughts and opinions, or whether they must think, say and do exactly what some self-appointed leaders tell them what to think, say and do.

Browning, who is overseeing Albuquerque's so-called police reform case, will have to decide whether Albuquerque police officers and the head of their union are allowed to reject anything in the settlement agreement the city signed with the DOJ in 2014, no matter how much that agreement is hurting cops and no matter how much that agreement is turning Albuquerque into a crime-ridden hell hole, or whether they must shut up and obey their overlords.

Browning will have to decide whether we are free to have our own opinions or whether we must submit to and obey ACLU and its ilk. In other words, is this America, or is this Communist China? Is dissent allowed here, or will it be crushed like it has been in Hong Kong? Will we be sent to reeducation camps for siding with the cops?

Browning will have to decide because the ACLU and other so-called police reform groups have asked Browning to sanction—meaning punish—the Albuquerque Police Officers' Association for daring to have an opinion of its own and for daring to challenge the settlement agreement that it had no part of producing. The ACLU and its minions, including a state legislator and a failed, crybaby mayoral candidate, can't stand it that the APOA and its head, Shaun Willoughby, are publicly challenging the CASA agreement.

These wannabe ChiComs hate it that the APOA has asked the public to support them on this issue. They hate it because they know the public is sick of the rampaging crime in the city, and they hate it because they know that the vast majority—at last 80 percent—of the public supports the cops. And they hate it because they know that if the public ever figures out that they are in the majority, the wannabe ChiComs will have no power an no authority and won't be able to order the rest of us around.

These would-be dictators are the same people that railed against Donald Trump when he attempted to take our freedoms, now they are the ones taking your 1st Amendment right to free speech. They want to punish you for having opinions that are different from theirs.

All we can say is welcome to ABQ, Hong Kong West. Now you know the dictatorship that the residents of a formerly free city, Hong Kong, are experiencing. The ACLU, the whinny, failed mayoral candidate and the state legislator are no different than the communist Chinese. They will use all the power of the government to crush free expression if that expression doesn’t tow their party line. They want no dissent. They will not tolerate dissent. God help us all if Judge Browning agrees with this fascist thinking. None of us will be allowed to dissent from those in power for fear of being fined, jailed and disappeared.

This is what police reform looks like in Albuquerque. A police state run by the ACLU and other radical far-left attorneys. They demand compliance by all who appear before them. No one is allowed an independent voice. No one is allowed to have a differing thought. You must obey the fascist horsemen of Albuquerque, or they will bring the wrath of the federal government down upon you.

The APOA is an “intervener” in the CASA. They were allowed a seat at the table, but apparently those at the table didn’t really want to hear what they have to say. The seat they offered was a scam. They expected the APOA to remain silent and not tell the citizens how crime is rampaging across our city and how police officers are hamstrung to do anything about it.

The APOA represents their clients in the same way the ACLU attorneys would represent theirs. Just because the APOA is doing their mandated job to protect the rights of police officers, these attorney attack them in court. The foot-stomping failed mayoral candidate, the far-left lawyers and the ACLU want police officers with no rights and no due process, because in their minds, the police are always wrong. Is this the city you want to live in?

They say the APOA obstructs Internal Affairs investigations. How? By making the city follow their own rules and regulations? By ensuring officers have legal counsel and due process? These wannabe ChiComs have so much hate for police officers that they will burn the Constitution in order to destroy them.

Do the would-be dictators plan to go after the 10,000 Albuquerque citizens who dared to respond to the APOA's #crimemattersmore campaign? Will they beat down your door and take you to re-education camps because you dared to say that the CASA is not as important as protecting Albuquerque from crime? What would Thurgood Marshall say? Is this the ACLU he represented?

Will these ChiComs subpoena all APD officers' phones and emails to see who has spoken in disagreement to their holy grail CASA? Do we live in Soviet Russia? These dictators would gleefully toss everyone of us into gulags and re-education camps because they firmly believe their opinions are the only ones that matter.

So now it's up to Judge Browning to decide whether we live in Communist China or whether we live in the United States of America. As they chanted in the streets of Chicago in 1968, "The whole world is watching."


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