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Keller & Medina side with mobsters

By Dennis Domrzalski

Mayor Tim Keller and Police Chief Harold Medina have sided with progressive mobsters who believe that constitutional protections apply only to them, and not to people whose opinions differ from theirs.

Keller and Medina have sided with the mobsters who believe that they must be free to inflict mayhem, chaos, anarchy and physical damage on the community unobserved and unimpeded by law enforcement officials.

Your mayor and your police chief are so dangerously progressive that they believe that a man who committed no crime must be charged with a crime because they don't like the way he thinks or acts.

Keller and Medina say they believe in constitutional policing, and they will discipline officers who they say don't meet those high standards, but in the next instant they will demand unconstitutional policing and will condemn cops who protect our civil liberties.

Keller and Medina preach tolerance, but practice intolerance. They believe in one-sided constitutional safeguards and policing. The side that gets those protections are progressives and others who hold their political beliefs. The rest of us are, well, shit out of luck, and Keller and Medina will let the progressive mobsters crush us.

Just ask Deyontae Williams. He went downtown on Sunday, April 11, to sort of stage a one-man protest. More than a hundred progressive loonies had arrived in the same area to counterprotest a demonstration by a right-wing group. The right wing group didn't show so there was nothing for the counterprotesters to protest.

Except maybe Williams, who showed up with his child and a rifle slung over his shoulder. Understand that in New Mexico, it is legal to open-carry a gun in public. It's legal.

At some point the intolerant progressive mobsters started to surround Williams and his son. There was no violence, but the cops decided to chat with Williams. After a while the sergeant on the scene decided that Williams wasn't a danger, had broken no laws and was free to go.

But to Medina and Keller, a man who has committed no crime is guilty of something, especially if he is exercising his Second Amendment right and legally carrying a firearm. It turns out that Medina and other APD honchos wanted Williams to be charged with inciting a riot and with endangering a child. And that just shows you how sick and dangerous Keller, his progressives, and their slave Medina are. The mob surrounded Williams. The mob endangered Williams and his family. The mob didn't like it that Williams had a gun. So because the mob was outraged by Williams's legal activities—carrying a gun and protesting—he incited them and needed to be charged. Because the mob was offended by his constitutionally protected activities he had to be punished!

But the sergeant who knows the Constitution and the law, was punished for not arresting or charging Williams with a crime. Keller and Medina punished the cop who engaged in constitutional policing. Let me repeat that. Keller and Medina punished the cop who engaged in constitutional policing.

So, Keller and Medina say the want constitutional policing, yet they punish a cop who did what they say they want. Why? Because constitutional protections belong only to Keller's progressive mobsters, not to the rest of us.

Do you think it's OK to charge a guy who committed no crime with a crime?

And do you think that cops should have some intelligence about groups that are planning and engaging in protests on our streets? Do you think the cops should know who they are and what they're up to? Should cops know whether these people are intent on damaging property and causing chaos?

I think they should. That's their job. If they're to protect us, they need to know what's going on and who is planning what.

But Keller and Medina don't think that cops should be informed about threats to public safety. They apparently think that cops should be deaf, dumb and stupid when it comes to amassing intelligence on progressive and left-wing protesters. On Saturday, the Albuquerque Journal ran a story about how someone at APD asked the federal Drug Enforcement Administration last summer “for the assistance of special agents to do undercover operations and surveillance at protests” around the city. The DEA agreed to help APD, saying, “our personnel will be working with APD narcotics detectives on the fringe of the crowd to identify any possible persons armed or with intent to inflame the situation. Our personnel will not engage but will advise APD uniform personnel who will engage the threat.”

From the reactions of Keller and Medina to the report, you would think that the request for the DEA's help was all the world's thousands of years of evil distilled into seven DEA agents who were to “identify any possible persons armed or with the intent to inflame the situation." Here's what the Journal's story said:

Chief Medina is livid about this report of the department’s possible involvement with federal, undercover agents,” Gilbert Gallegos, an APD spokesman, wrote in a statement. “As Deputy Chief at the time of last year’s protests, Medina was not aware of any such involvement, nor were any of the other deputy chiefs. The Commander in charge of the Narcotics and Special Enforcement Sections is no longer with APD.”

Matt Ross, the mayor’s spokesman, said the city leadership was not aware of the request and would have opposed it “as out of line with our values.”

Along with removing the former Chief of Police last summer, we also have new leadership over special investigations, the division that maintains the relationship with the DEA,” Ross wrote in a statement. “We will refer this information to our new Superintendent of Reform to find out how this went down under the former leadership.”

So identifying armed progressive trouble makers and keeping you safe from them is not one of Mayor Tim Keller's values. But charging a man who committed no crime with a crime is one of Keller's values.

The Journal quoted some so-called activists who said they were outraged that APD had asked for help from the feds. Of course they're outraged. The progressive mobsters don't want the cops or anyone else watching them. They want to be free to destroy your neighborhoods, your city and your property. They want to tear down public statues, block streets and rip nonbelievers out of their cars and beat them. And Pretty Boy Timmy Keller thinks they should be able engage in violence unimpeded by the cops.

Well, sort of. If APD had asked the feds for help in keeping tabs on right-wing organizations, Timmy and Medina would have been thrilled. Or if APD had asked for help in filing charges against a man who had committed no crime, Timmy and Medina would have led the charge.

There is a mayoral election later this year. I hope you all remember when it comes time to vote that Timmy Keller believes that only progressive mobsters are entitled to constitutional protections, that innocent men whose political opinions differ from his should be charged with crimes and that identifying armed potential troublemakers and keeping you safe from them is not one of his values.

And remember that in Timmy Keller's Albuquerque the mob has a free pass to do whatever they want.


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