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Keller's admin. hounds black man

Mayor Tim Keller's administration has set out to punish a black man for daring to exercise his free-speech rights he's guaranteed under the Constitution.

Keller's administration on Monday charged Deyontae Williams, a black man who dared to exercise his Second Amendment rights, with endangering a child. Williams brought a child and the rest of his family to a protest in Downtown Albuquerque on April 11. Williams carried a rifle over his shoulder—which is legal in New Mexico—and stood away from a group of progressive protesters. The progressives saw Williams and surrounded him and his family.

Apparently, that's why Williams was charged—because leftist progressives who were outraged by his beliefs surrounded him and his family. Under Keller's progressive administration, black people and other minorities are not allowed to disagree with white liberals. They must stay on the plantation and keep their mouths shut.

Now we have to ask if Keller's administration will charge every adult—including progressives—with child endangerment for bringing their children to a protest?

As you can see from this photo, Williams and his family are standing by themselves and no one is in danger. It was only after the the progressives surrounded Williams and his family that anyone was endangered. Why won't Communist Keller's administration charge the progressives who surrounded Williams and his family?

Keller's administration is out of control.


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