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Keller's war against black man fails

By Dennis Domrzalski and Dan Klein

Mayor Tim Keller's attempt to prosecute a black man who committed no crime has failed.

On Monday, the Bernalillo County District Attorney's Office dismissed charges against Deyontae Williams, a black man who APD charged with crimes because he showed up to a downtown protest with a gun.

The case caused a crisis at APD because more than two dozen cops resigned from the department's special crowd-control unit because they didn't like the way their commander was treated following the incident.

If you remember, back on April 11th, during a protest on Civic Plaza, through APD's Twitter account, APD Chief of Police Harold Medina tweeted, "Officers have detained an armed individual at the entrance of the Convention Center. He will be cited by police."

As it turns out, although Mr. Williams was detained, he was not cited. Nor did APD officers at the scene identify him upon his detention as he had not done anything wrong. According to LAW, he did not have to identify himself. Nonetheless, following being detained, orders came down from APD's 5th Floor—meaning Keller's office—that action needed to be taken against Mr. Williams, so he was charged with breaking the law. Like old-time Southern slaveholders, Keller and his progressive followers hate and fear armed and independent black men.

And remember that Williams committed no crime by carrying a gun because "Open carry" is LEGAL in New Mexico. We repeat, open carry is LEGAL in New Mexico.

The head of the crowd-control unit was temporarily relieved of his duties by Keller's administration because, well, he followed the LAW and refused to charge Williams because the man had committed no crime. Apparently, Keller's people believe that black men can be charged with crimes even when they have committed no crimes. Do any of you doubt that white progressives are as fearful of educated black men as were Southern slaveholders?

Williams found out that a Summons Complaint had been issued against him for the bizarre charge of "abandonment or cruelty to a child," which of course never occurred.

Here's what Williams's attorney Tom Grover had to say about the decision by the DA's office to drop Keller's progressive charges against his client:

“Now, following my office's entry in this matter, and our demands for last week for pre-trial interviews of Lt. Brian Pryce, Lt. Roger Legendre, and Sgt. Aaron Hoisington, the case has been dismissed by the DA's office.

“While we know APD's 4/11 Tweet was false, we have also learned some other things. Chief Medina went after Sgt. Hoisington for insubordination but when the public got wind of it, he had to reverse course. Then there's all the ERT team members who have resigned and Medina's post resignation kiss off to all those officers. Finally, don't think for a moment that Mr. Williams won't be seeking compensation from the City for all of these failures by the Keller Administration because it's abundantly clear this action against Mr. Williams was politically driven by Keller's 11th floor.”

So, Keller and his progressive followers hate black men who are educated, who think for themselves and who appreciate the Second Amendment. And Keller's office filed criminal charges against a black man who committed no crime.

We think that Tim Keller's real name is Jim Crow.


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