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Progressive hypocrisy

By Dennis Domrzalski and Dan Klein

-- No outrage from Mayor Tim Keller, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham and U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich over the allegations that former state Rep. Sheryl Williams Stapleton, a Democrat, is suspected of DEFRAUDING PUBLIC SCHOOL KIDS out of millions of dollars. Yet last year, these three dumped on Sheriff Manny Gonzales for daring to seek federal help in fighting crime here.

-- Tim Keller, Michelle Lujan Grisham and Martin Heinrich are hypocrites!

-- Stapleton resigned from the House on Friday.

If you want to see just what massive hypocrites many of this state's progressive and Democratic politicians are, just listen to their outrage over the fact that former state Rep. Sheryl Williams Stapleton, a Democrat, has now been publicly accused of stealing up to $5 million from Albuquerque's public school children in what appears to be an immense kickback scheme.

Listen to their loud and unending demands that Stapleton be fired from her Albuquerque Public Schools job and that she immediately resign from the state Legislature. Watch as they march in front of APS's headquarters day and night, posturing for the news cameras and demanding that Stapleton be immediately fired.

We say listen and watch for these things because, for the most part, you won't hear or see any of it. New Mexico's progressives and Democrats, including Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller and U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich, aren't out there publicly, loudly and incessantly demanding that Stapleton be ousted from the human race because she's a monster who allegedly bought Volvos and funded her restaurant with money that was supposed to be used to educate PUBLIC SCHOOL KIDS. With the exception of Grisham, who has issued a lame statement regarding the allegations against Stapleton, the other two—Keller and Heinrich—have been silent.

That's right, smiling, metalhead Keller hasn't said a word about Stapleton's alleged crimes. Nor has white privilege Heinrich. Neither of these privileged white progressives have commented on the fact that the New Mexico Attorney General's Office and a federal grand jury have launched criminal investigations into Stapleton's alleged—and massive—looting of the city's PUBLIC SCHOOL CHILDREN.

Now contrast this silence to last year when these three were having spasms over the fact that Bernalillo County Sheriff Manny Gonzales dared to ask for federal help in fighting sleazes, fiends, rapists, burglars, murders, car thieves and other criminals in this crime-stricken city and county. By their loud and constant outrage you would have thought that Gonzales had committed some horrible and unforgivable crime, like STEALING MONEY FROM PUBLIC SCHOOL KIDS.

Heinrich called federal law enforcement officers “stormtroopers” and demanded that Gonzales immediately resign as sheriff. These are the same federal law enforcement officers who have been presenting cases against the participants in the January 6 insurrection, yet now Heinrich has nothing but love and praise for these officers. Hypocrite.

Keller had this to say about Gonzales accepting aid from the feds: “We will not sell out our own community, or our own police department, for this obvious political agenda: as they (federal law enforcement) try to incite violence by targeting our city and our residents.” It’s these same federal law enforcement officers who solved the murder of Jackie Vigil. It’s these same federal law enforcement officers who almost died in a recent gunfight in Albuquerque with a suspected gang / drug dealer.

I think Keller’s words speak loudly for what he really thinks about the men and women who serve and protect our community, whether they be federal, state or local cops. Keller will smile and tell donor or voter how much he loves the police, but when necessary to satisfy his cop hating base he tells the truth. He despises law enforcement, and he believes they, not the criminals, are the problem.

Another hypocrite in the progressive camp is Governor Grisham. She allowed her media relations person, Tripp Stelnicki, to go on a tirade against Gonzales after the January 6 insurrection. From reading Stelnicki’s twitter feed you would have thought that Gonzales planned and executed the entire insurrection from Albuquerque. That is how deep the hatred from progressives runs toward anyone, especially in their own party, who dares to take a different path. Stelnicki made it clear it was his personal Twitter page, but the silence from MLG on what he said speaks volumes.

Flash forward to this week with the news that progressive Democrat and House Majority Leader, Sheryl Williams Stapleton may have defrauded the children of the Albuquerque Public Schools out of millions of dollars. What did Governor Grisham have to say about someone in her own progressive wing actually being suspected in a major racketeering scheme? Grisham pushed out this lame statement: “These allegations are significant and incredibly serious. If and when there is an indictment or arrest, I hope the representative does the right thing here and resigns.”

Let’s put this into perspective. Sheriff Gonzales asked for and received federal law enforcement assistance to help stem the tide of rising violent crime in Albuquerque. The only crime he committed was that he didn’t go along with the Democratic progressives in their blind hate for everything Fed when Trump was president. For this infraction powerful progressive Democrats attacked him and demanded that he resign. But when one of the darlings of the progressive Democrats gets accused of defrauding millions from the children of Albuquerque, Governor Grisham gives her the benefit of the doubt by saying she should only resign if indicted. Hypocrite.

What does Tim Keller have to say about the Williams Stapleton corruption scandal? He should have plenty to say because he is the mayor of Albuquerque and if true this fraud against the school children of Albuquerque directly hits people he is sworn to protect and represent. What has Keller said about his fellow progressive democrat? As of this morning it’s been nothing but silence from our mayor.

A lot of you will excuse this sickening and democracy-killing hypocrisy to politics. “It's just politics,” many of you will say with knowing and smirking nods to each other. And you'll treat it as perfectly normal and acceptable behavior. But it shouldn't be. It's vile, it's sickening and it's corrosive and destructive to sane, civilized and democratic societies.

Accepting and excusing hypocrisy means that you accept the lies, hatred and lust for absolute power that underpin it. If you accept and excuse this hypocrisy from Keller, Grisham and Heinrich, you are pathetic, mindless losers who will some day get what you deserve.

Actually, you've got it right now in the form of Keller, Grisham and Heinrich. Are you happy with it?


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