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Puke City! Councilors make fools of themselves

By Dennis Domrzalski and Dan Klein

ABQ city councilors make fools of themselves!

-- Albuquerque city council is a woke! A sick, woke joke.

-- Councilors fawn over Harold Medina but refuse to ask the simple question: Why wasn't Dominic Medina arrested when there were two arrest warrants out on him?

-- Councilor Patrick Davis would make an efficient dictator!

--The fawning and wokeness will make you puke!

Sometimes we need to throw up in order to rid our bodies of toxins and other harmful stuff, things like tofu, kale and organic nut milk. So if you need to puke, don't stick your finger down your throat, just watch this 15-minute video of Albuquerque city councilors acting like pathetic, fawning, submissive losers. It really is sickening and disgusting.

It's the video of the council's meeting to confirm Harold Medina as chief of police. Medina is asked questions about his son, Dominic, and the Sept. 10, 2019, incident where the 29-year-old wasn't arrested even though there were two arrest warrants out on him.

The video is troubling and disgusting on so many levels. Councilor Brook Bassan asked about the incident and if the administration could explain it. Then Medina and Chief Administrative Sarita Nair proceeded to read fro prepared statements. In other words, they had been given the questions before hand. That is not a fair and objective hearing or vetting of a candidate for the chief of police job. It's like a TV game show that is rigged.

Medina goes on to explain how is son is an openly gay man and how he was the victim of domestic violence at the hands of his boyfriend. But Medina never says why, and the councilors never ask him WHY HIS SON WASN'T ARRESTED EVEN THOUGH THERE WERE TWO OPEN ARREST WARRANTS OUT ON HIM.

One of the warrants was 10 months old and was for failure to comply with conditions of probation for a DWI conviction. Here's the warrant.

Medina slobbers on about how his son was abused. He repeatedly refers to the boyfriend as an “abuser.” But he never told the councilors that all the charges of abuse against the boyfriend—every single one of them—were dismissed by judges. Did Medina lie to the councilors?

And Medina never told the councilors that his own, saintly gay-man son was once charged with physically abusing his boyfriend. Here's the criminal complaint against Dominic Medina. That charge was also dismissed by a judge. But why didn't Harold tell the councilors about it? Lies of omission?

What should make everyone who cares about openness and fairness, especially in government, puke and puke violently and all over everything, is the reactions of the councilors to Medina. In the most disgusting and embarrassing display of wokedness ever, they fawned over Medina and said how courageous he was (courageous, apparently, just because his son is gay). Never once did they ask him publicly why his son wasn't arrested even though there were two warrants out on him.

All of the councilors said they were offended that the matter of the non-arrest of Medina's son had become public. Really? A possible incident of official favoritism by the candidate for the job of police chief shouldn't be discussed and debated in public?

Puke city!

Most of the councilors said they had spoken to Medina in private about the matter. So they're conducting the city's business—your business—in private and you don't have the right to know. Puke city! It is clear from Medina’s testimony that he was reading from a scripted statement. That means that the city council tipped him off that they were going to ask him questions about the incident where his adult son, who had valid arrest warrants, was not arrested by Medina’s police officers. The city council was a charade, a magic show to fool the citizens into thinking that they were even slightly interested in getting to the bottom of this issue. By the time the council members finished groveling and showing how woke they were, the question of why Medina’s adult son was not arrested still stood but none of them had the courage to ask it.

Councilor Patrick Davis began the wokefest off by saying it was “incredibly frustrating” that the matter was made public. He said that he had spoken to Medina in private and had gotten all the answers he needed. “I was able to resolve it without doing it in public,” Davis said. Wow! The idiot is conducting your business in private! Hey Patrick, what about the rest of us? Don't we get answers to important questions?

OK, Pat, so your police chief is being questioned about why his adult son was not arrested by APD officers when he had a valid arrest warrant and you believe that this is best handled behind closed doors? Just how did you resolve this issue Pat? Do you now run APD? What did you do to resolve the issue that Dominic Medina was not arrested, as all other Albuquerque citizens with warrants would have been? What did Pat Davis do to resolve this issue?

Then Davis said something that should scare everyone who fears dictatorships. “The fact that we will let people bring these rumors out as part of this process … I'm just incredibly frustrated by the fact that we would draw out somebody's domestic violence history and replay all of the drama in public because of internet rumors … just incredibly frustrates me and points to me that we need to do more reform at APD.”

Here's our translation of Davis's statement: “You pathetic slobs, meaning the taxpayers who pay our salaries, have no right to know anything. I am the king! I am the dictator! I make the rules! Screw all of you. And, like a true dictatorship, we're going to go after and punish those who dare question us.”

Let’s unpack this further. It’s not a rumor that Dominic Medina was in the presence of APD officers, who apparently knew he had a DUI warrant for his arrest, and yet Dominic was not arrested. And this “process” is supposed to bring out these types of issues. It seems Davis would rather just rubber stamp things and keep his constituents and the public at large in the dark. As a city councilor Davis should be demanding to know why Dominic was not arrested, instead he wants this entire situation to be run like a star chamber. Davis wants to be a dictator!

Here's more from Davis:

“The fact that we would draw out someone’s’ domestic violence history and replay all of those dramas in public because of an internet rumor ... I am mad at the folks that are trying to spread this around and make it a thing and chief I am really sorry to you and your family … as a gay man and former cop (he Davis) understands that people in these types of relationships and particularly from our community have a really hard time with this issue. Have a hard time reporting it and a hard time dealing with it. To know that folks in APD would abuse the trust that those victims gave to those officers for some political purpose just incredibly infuriates me”

Hold on here. The domestic violence was never this issue and Davis knows this. Dominic Medina being gay was never an issue and Davis knows this too. He is trying to gaslight everyone by diverting attention to the police report that was written. This report was required to be written and it documents that Dominic had requested an escort to his past residence to get belongings and he did not want to risk a confrontation with his ex boyfriend. No one cares that he is gay (well aside from Pat Davis). But instead of finding out from Harold Medina why Dominic was not arrested on the warrant, Davis wants to play up the victim of being gay and in a domestic violence situation. Davis is crafty in this way because he is pandering to his woke supporters who will immediately stop asking why Dominic wasn’t arrested on the warrant and instead start shouting that this is gay hate. It’s gas-lighting and don’t be fooled.

Councilor Bassan tells us that she tipped the chief and the administration off that she was going to ask about why Dominic was not arrested. This is improper. How many of you get to know the questions you are going to be asked at a job interview before you sit down? None of us. This city council meeting was a joke, a drama for us to watch and believe in, while the actual truth of this situation still evades everyone. Bassan, to her credit, lets everyone know it is Harold Medina that made this an issue about his son being gay and in a domestic incident. Lets’ repeat that. Bassan clearly states it was Harold Medina and the Keller administration that is making this a gay issue, no one else. Bassan failed when she did not specifically ask Harold why Dominic was not arrested. That is the only question we want to know and she blew it because she got gas-lighted.

It’s a sad commentary on the state of our city, that in the year 2021 a city councilor asks why the future police chief’s son was not arrested for warrants, by the police chief's officers and she gets a response about his son being gay. The councilor never stated this, but it was the first thing that came to Harold Medina’s mind. Does Harold have an issue with having a gay son? And then to have the entire city council pander and basically follow up on Pat Davis comments that being gay seems to immediately make you a victim. That is sick. Let me reiterate, being gay is NORMAL. It is nothing to be ashamed of and you should not ever think of yourself as a victim just because of who you love. You should never allow a parent or a politician to make you feel any less human just because of who you want to love and be with.

Councilor Lan Sena also made an idiot out of herself by saying, “What was already iterated really eloquently by Councilor Davis, I think many of us share the same frustration and to see this at a city council meeting as well, I don’t think this was really warranted”

Did she not listen to Bassan? It was Harold Medina that brought up his son was gay and in a domestic situation, no one else. And Sena is blind to the more important question? Was Dominic Medina extended professional courtesy by officers that work directly under Harold Medina? Is this the reason he was not arrested for his warrants? If it is not the reason, then what why did APD officers ignore his no bond DUI warrant? What is Sena more interested in? The truth? Or being woke?

Sena added: “Having to relive this type of trauma not just as a police chief but as a father, on behalf of your son and really for your son as well. I do hope that he feels safe and comfortable now where he is but at the same time that this should have been necessary ...”

Trauma? Is Sena talking about the domestic incident or that Harold’s son is openly gay? Remember Basson made it clear that she never brought up that Dominic was gay, that was something Harold and Harold only did. So if there is trauma it is owned by Harold. And it is necessary to ask was Dominic Medina extended professional courtesy and not arrested because he is Harold Medina’s son? It’s necessary. Sena should live in the current year and not see people as gay, but see them as human.

Then Councilor Klarissa Pena revealed just what an idiot she is. She explained that her internet was down and that she hadn't heard most of what had been said. Then she said, incredibly, “I really didn’t hear much of what transpired … but I really admire chief (Medina) for putting this forward … family should be off limits”

Please everyone listen to what Pena says. She didn’t hear what was going on because her internet connection had failed, but she knew enough to jump on the woke social justice bandwagon and tell all the citizens that you don’t deserve the right to know why Dominic Medina was not arrested by APD officers. Hey, in Pena’s mind family is off limits, period. Professional courtesy will run amok.

There's more. Watch the video, and then go throw up. It's that bad.


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