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Shot cop's wife rips Medina and Keller

By ABQ Raw

Albuquerque City Hall - Tryna Verbeck is the wife of Officer Mario Verbeck. Officer Verbeck was the most seriously injured Officer of four during a shootout on August 19th, 2021. Today, on the steps of #CityHall Tryna Verbeck made a statement critical of #MayorTimKeller and #PoliceChiefHaroldMedina about how the #AlbuquerquePoliceDepartment is being run. Also in attendance was Officer James Eichel also shot that day, he was visible with a sling on his arm.

In 2021, APD officers have been in over a half dozen incidents involving a criminal firing at them.

APD Spokesman Gilbert Gallegos was seen hiding behind people and taking photos and/or video of people in attendance. We reached out for comment and have not heard back from him. We also asked why he was at the event.

Gallegos was not part of the planning of the press conference or affiliated with it.


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