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Thirty-one homicides

By Dan Klein

Congratulations Albuquerque! You went thirteen days between homicides! We almost did two weeks! Keep trying. I know you can do it.

APD reported that on March 19, 2021, at 4057 Montgomery NE, officers responded to shots fired. When officers arrived they found a man dead in the parking lot. Homicide number 31 for the year.

By our count Albuquerque has had 31 homicides since January 1, 2021. Of these homicides, 28 are being investigated by APD as murders. APD considers the other three “justified,” although, with the exception of the police homicide, APD has not provided details on why the other two are justified. We have asked, and as always, APD refuses to answer. That’s transparency Tim Keller style.

The 28 murders include the four bodies found at the Sunport.

Fingers crossed we can make it thru the weekend without having to update this.


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