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Why Don’t You Say Her Name?

By Dan Klein

-- Social justice warriors and the mainstream media are ignoring the epidemic of black people being murdered, mostly by other black people.

-- If Don Lemon were to devote his entire two hour show to who is really killing other black people, there would be outrage and no one would want to watch. So he doesn’t do it.

Jaslyn Adams. Say her name. Jashlyn Adams. Why are there no nationwide marches demanding change for 7-year-old Jaslyn Adams?

Jaslyn Adams will forever be 7 years old. A week ago in Chicago, she and her father were at the drive-up window of a McDonald’s waiting for her Happy Meal when two men approached and pumped 45 bullets into the car, critically wounding her father and ultimately killing Jaslyn with seven bullets to her tiny body.

This isn’t Mexico, or Syria, this was Chicago, America.

In Chicago there were a few marches for Jaslyn, but nationally she meant nothing to the mainstream media. Instead of having experts talk about the rise of crime in black neighborhoods and what should be done, the mainstream media continued to push out stories of police officers killing black people.

From CNN to MSNBC to FOX, if I have seen the Columbus shooting of a black teen stabbing at another black teen once, I have now watched it dozens of times, because that is all the mainstream media wants you to see. The mainstream media wants you to see black people being killed by police officers while they ignore the epidemic of black people being murdered, mostly by other young black people.

You see, the media's concern for black people is false; they really only care about advertising dollars and they know if they can fuel social justice issues, and what better issue than the cop, they can get people to protest and riot and tune in to see the latest carnage. If Don Lemon were to devote his entire two hour show to who is really killing other black people, there would be outrage and no one would want to watch. So he doesn’t do it.

If you want to have “the talk” with your kids, tell them the truth. The odds of being harmed or killed by police are minuscule when compared to being killed by other young people. Your “talk” should be to tell your teenage and young adult children that they should avoid other teens and young adults because those who commit murder the most are in that category.

One of the men accused of murdering Jaslyn Adams is Marion Lewis, an 18-year-old black man. When police attempted to arrest Lewis a car chase ensued, he crashed and tried to carjack a family. He was finally stopped when a Chicago police officer shot him. He survived.

I was actually surprised that Rachel Maddow didn’t go on MSNBC asking “why did the police have to shoot him?” That’s how little the talking heads at cable news opinion shows care for the real victims, like Jaslyn Adams.

The social justice movement in this country needs to ask themselves just what are they trying to accomplish? I hate to break things down by race but in this case I have to ask, what does BLM want? Because if they truly care about black lives then they should be marching for Jaslyn and all the other black victims of crime perpetuated by young black men and women. They should continue to demand police reform, but it begins to seem shallow when they don’t seem to care about the young black teen that Ma’Khia Bryant was trying to stab to death. The life of that young black woman isn’t even on BLM’s radar screen. Black on black violence isn’t something BLM wants to talk about, but they need to because too many of them are dying.

And what about the white social justice warriors who march for BLM against police shootings of black people? If these white do-gooders really cared they would be marching for Jaslyn and all the other victims and demanding that their communities, not just their police, change. These pale social justice warriors are silent when it comes to truly caring about the lives of black children, men and women. They simply want to rail against the police and authority, and they don’t give a damn about black lives. For if they did they would be demanding change in those communities.

No one, not BLM, not the media and not the white social justice warriors seem to care about making black communities safe from those who are truly the ones to be feared, the violent young men and women who roam their streets and gun down little girls who are just wanting to get their Happy Meal.

Do you social justice warriors have the courage to say her name? Do you really want safer neighborhoods? If you do then march for her and thousands of other victims just like her.

Say her name, Jaslyn Adams. She was seven and just wanted a Happy Meal.


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