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The memo! Basis for Trump Russian warrant was dirt paid for by DNC and Clinton campaign

The bombshell memo regarding the FBI and the DOJ's involvement in the investigation into President Trump's alleged Russian ties has been declassified, and D.C. and the news world is all on it.

Here's the gist of it:

The FBI and the DOJ sought an order on Oct. 21, 2016 from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to spy on Carter Page, an American citizen who was a volunteer in the Trump presidential campaign.

An essential part of that application to spy on an American citizen was the (golden showers) dossier on Trump prepared by Christopher Steele on behalf of the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign. But – oops! - neither the DOJ nor the FBI told the Federal Intelligence Surveillance Court judge that the dossier had been paid for by the DNC and the Clinton campaign and that it hadn't been verified.

In other words, one of the reasons for the investigation into Trump's alleged Russian ties was a dossier that was paid for by his political opponent. Here's what the memo says about that:

There's more in the two-page memo. Read it yourself.

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