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This economic powerhouse can save the New Mexico Bowl

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!

I don’t care what Dennis Domrzalski thinks, I am going to write about football. FOOTBALL!!!!!!!

This has been a tough season for New Mexico college football teams.

New Mexico State has been winless in the first seven games of the season.

University of New Mexico has only won two games and the stadium is empty. UNM Coach Bob Davies had a major health scare and his starting quarterback got caught handling the wrong balls off campus.

The New Mexico Bowl (owned by ESPN) lost their sponsor, Gildan Clothing. The replacement sponsor, Dreamhouse, fell apart when it was discovered that Dreamhouse might not be a real company.

Add to this UNM lost their men’s football program and New Mexico United lost their first playoff game.

Wait, New Mexico United and the lost UNM program are not football, they are soccer teams. And don’t give me that crap that everywhere else in the world it’s called football. In the USA football is only for men with helmets who end up with traumatic brain injuries. The other thing is soccer, but I digress.

The beautiful New Mexico sun may be setting on football in our state unless we get a major economic powerhouse to step up and take over the New Mexico Bowl.

Why not have the biggest economic powerhouse in Albuquerque and probably New Mexico sponsor the bowl game? It’s not oil and gas, although the “Conoco New Mexico Bowl” does have a nice sound. That wouldn’t truly reflect all of New Mexico, just the part of New Mexico that when oil isn’t producing, we consider part of Texas.

I am talking about the company with the biggest impact on New Mexico. The industry that brings people (human smuggling) and commerce (drugs) to our state.

I can hear the ESPN announcers now:

“Ladies and gentlemen welcome to beautiful Albuquerque, New Mexico and the home of the Sinaloa Cartel New Mexico Bowl!”

I know what you are thinking, Klein has lost his mind. Maybe, but the voices in my head say you are wrong, and I believe them.

Albuquerque and New Mexico are full of illegal drugs that are mostly brought to us by the Sinaloa Cartel. This is a multi-million, if not billion-dollar, company (yes illegal) in our state. Sinaloa probably employees thousands of New Mexicans at all income and status levels. They are an economic powerhouse in New Mexico. Don’t believe me? Tell Alexa to play Glenn Fry’s Smugglers’ Blues, and play it loud. Glenn knew.

What are the positives of the Sinaloa Cartel sponsoring the New Mexico Bowl? They would fill the stadium. Of course, a lot of the people will be smuggled in, but hey, a body is a body, right? With the right coercion (and these guys know coercion) they could fill UNM stadium the rest of the year. They have money, so much money that they don’t know what to do with it. So why let them put some of their money to good use by making the stadium the most magnificent in the country. While they are at it maybe they can pave the crappy city street in front of my house too. Damn those voices!

Don’t give me that holier-than-thou look that these guys are drug dealers. In my experience as a cop I would bet that most of you reading this column have snorted, smoked, swallowed, inhaled or injected something that Sinaloa provided. You are their customer, and by being their consumer you have supported them. If you are willing to consume their illegal drugs, then admit it and allow Sinaloa to sponsor the New Mexico Bowl. Or are you a bunch of hypocrites?

Yes, you are a bunch of hypocrites.

But if Sinaloa black-market drugs are just too much for you to publicly admit, then call it the “New Mexico Guacamole Bowl”.

Oh, you didn’t know.

Sinaloa controls the avocado trade out of Mexico too.

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