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You Can't Move!

Does mayoral Tim Keller deserve to be criticized for moving to a nicer neighborhood?

During their Oct. 26 mayoral debate at the Albuquerque Press Club, Dan Lewis dumped on Keller for moving out of the International District to the Country Club area.

Here's the four-minute video of the exchange. Thanks to Charles Arasim for the video:

“Tim doesn't live in that district anymore; he moved to the Country Club,” Lewis said. “Why would you move away from a district that you want to fight for?”

Keller responded that he had his wife had a second child and that he had wanted for a long time to live in the Country Club area. The video is just less that four minutes long. You might enjoy it.

And during their Oct. 29 TV debate, Lewis again knocked Keller for moving to the Country Club.

To be fair to Lewis, he's probably sick of Keller boasting about how he represented the International District, formally known as the War Zone, while never telling people that he hasn't lived there for a while.

And Lewis is probably insinuating that rather than stay to help solve the area's crime problem, Keller moved away.

What do you think?

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