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Cops Approve Two-Year Contract; $12.1 Million in Raises and Longevity Pay

Rank-and-file Albuquerque police officers have overwhelmingly approved a new, two-year contract that will give officers $12.1 million in pay raises and longevity benefits.

The contract, which was approved Monday by a 501 to 40 vote, will raise the pay of beginning officers to $29 an hour. It will also raise the pay of more senior officers to between $30 to $31.50 an hour, said Shaun Willoughby, president of the Albuquerque Police Officers Association.

Longevity pay increases of between $2,600 to $13,000 a year will take effect Aug. 1. The longevity pay will increase in the contract's second year.

Willoughby said the contract, although not ideal in terms of what the union wanted in terms of pay increases for cops, represents a good start with the Keller administration.

“This is a fair, legitimate deal and is an aggressive step in the right direction,” Willoughby said. He added the longevity increases will apply to lateral hires and will help APD recruit officers form police departments throughout the nation.

“The cops deserve this rate of pay, and the city has the tools to get out of this officer shortage,” Willoughby added.

The only downside to the contract is that it is a two-year deal, Willoughby said, adding that the union wanted a one-year contract because many officers don't trust the city to keep its word on a multi-year deal.

Here is the new pay scale for APD officers:

0-4 years: $29 an hour

4-14 years: $30 an hour

15 years and beyond: $31.50 an hour

Here's the longevity pay scale:

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