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Police Union says Police Oversight Board Member Should Resign

- Is Chelsea Van Deventer a cop hater? Her response to the U.S. House passing a Blue Lives Matter bill: "Fuck this."

- Calls Trump a child rapist

- Says a former state representative deserves to be killed for getting a DWI.

- She says she can't apologize for men.

- Is Van Deventer fit to be a member of the POB? Is she fair? Police officers' union says she must resigh.

The union that represents Albuquerque police officers is calling for the resignation of Police Oversight Board member Chelsea Van Deventer, saying she is hopelessly biased against law enforcement and is incapable of being fair to cops she sits in judgment of in a her role as a POB member.

The call for Van Deventer's resignation came from the Albuquerque Police Officers' Association in a June 21 letter to POB Chair Chantal Galloway.

Here's part of the letter:

(Photo: Chelsea Van Deventer)

As proof of Van Deventer's bias against cops, the the APOA included dozens of her social media posts in the letter.

In one Twitter post, Van Deventer wrote "FUCK THIS" to a tweet from someone who said the U.S. House of Representatives had passed a Blue Lives Matter bill.

In another tweet, Van Deventer identified herself as an attorney and POB member. And she wrote, "Trump is a child rapist."

And in another tweet, Van Deventer suggested that former state Rep. Monica Youngblood be sentenced to death for failing to take a breath test when she was arrested for DWI last year.

Van Deventer didn't want to immediately comment on the APOA's allegations. "I'll have to think about that," she said in an email response to ABQReport's request for a comment.

Here's Van Deventer's rweet about that:

Here's what the APOA said in its letter about Van Deventer's bias against cops:

Here are more of Van Deventer's tweets:

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