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Is Keller morphing into R.J. Berry?

Earlier this week, columnist Dan Klein suggested that Mayor Tim Keller is in danger of being remembered as R.J. Berry's third term. What will that actually look like?

Well, using the power of a cheap--possibly free photo app--we have the answer!

The first photo is what Keller looked like a year ago--handsome, confident and, as usual, smiling, and ready to play football, go jogging or attend a heavy metal concert.

This second shot shows Keller morphing into R.J., complete with that creepy mustache. It's getting scary for Keller, and all the rest of us. At this point, Keller is starting to hide from reporters and has sneaked in to a couple of NAIOP luncheons. He's even starting to have warm feelings about the ART project and think that retail and restaurant chain outlets should replace every independently owned business on Central Avenue.

This third shot is what Keller will look like at the end of his third year in office if he doesn't immediately change his ways. He'll hire Gorden Eden as the police chief, bring back Rob Perry, become NAIOP's executive director and proclaim ART the greatest public works project in the history of the human race. No more heavy metal concerts for this dude! He'll be watching Lawrence Welk reruns on cable, lusting after the Lennon Sisters and eating Swanson TV dinners while complaining loudly that they need more salt. And then he'll slink away in disgrace never to be heard from again.

This is the future for Keller unless he immediately starts acting like a real leader. Tim, is this what you want? Think of your wife and children! Please! No more horror shows for Albuquerque! One was too many.

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