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Will she be arrested? Mayor Keller? DA Torrez? Gov. Grisham?

Will the woman who assaulted a flag-carrying American Sunday morning at Civic Plaza and knocked him into the street be identified, arrested and prosecuted?

Will the tattooed woman, who brought a knife--a deadly weapon--to Civic Plaza be prosecuted for violating Mayor Tim Keller's order that bans deadly weapons from city properties?

Will Mayor Tim Keller, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham and Bernalillo County District Attorney Raul Torrez denounce the angry woman for attacking a fellow citizen who was trying to protest?

In the video below you can see the angry mob (23:15) confront the flag-waving guy. Then, at 24:58, you will see the knife-armed woman charge at the guy and push him into and onto the street. You will see that the guy was walking away from the mob and that the attack was unprovoked. In other words, the woman with the knife apparently attacked him because he was carrying and waving an American flag and because he has opinions and beliefs that are different than hers.

Keller, Grisham and other politicians have told--lectured--us that the right to protest is sacred and that's it's wrong to deny someone their right to protest. So, will Keller and the others identify, arrest and prosecute the "peaceful" protester who brought a deadly weapon to Civic Plaza and who attacked a citizen and knocked him to the ground?

Mayor Keller?

Gov. Grisham?

DA Torrez?

How about the rest of you? Do you think the armed woman was right for physically assaulting a guy who disagrees with her? Is it now offensive to carry and wave an American flag? Should the guy have been attacked for waving an American flag?

Let's identify this woman so we can give her name to Keller, Torrez, Grisham and APD. Let's see if they will prosecute her.

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