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Same 200 protesters. What about the 560,213 ABQ residents who don't protest?

There are 560,513 people in the city of Albuquerque. Of those, about 200—ahh, maybe 300—are regular, or serial protesters who protest anything and everything—the cops, income inequality, racism and not enough sauce on their pizzas.

In the past couple of months those 200 to 300 people have been protesting police brutality, the presence of federal law enforcement agents in Albuquerque and on and on. In a news report Sunday night, KOB-TV remarked that it was the same 200 people who have been showing up to every protest.

Two hundred serial protesters is not a big deal in a city of 560,513, except for the fact that our lying mayor and inept city council are listening to them and making city policy for all the rest of us based on those 200 or 300 people.

And that raises the question of what about the rest of us, the 560,213 who aren't protesting every chance we get? Who's listening to us? Who is even asking us our opinions?

Or let's ask this another way. The 300 serial protesters represent 0.0513 percent of the city's population. That's five one-hundredths of one percent. Why is our lying Mayor Tim Keller pandering to them? Why is the city council?

Why is Albuquerque allowing the same 200 very far left people to drive our city policy? Albuquerque has 560,513 people and I greatly doubt that the majority want the craziness that these 200 are spouting. The Albuquerque Journal or another news organization should do a poll and ask the citizens of Albuquerque if they:

1. Want to defund the police (which would make for a much smaller department)?

2. Want to disband the police department?

3. Don’t want to accept federal law enforcement help to arrest career criminals?

4. Feel safe in Albuquerque?

5. Think crime is under control?

6. Think violent crime is going down?

7. Think property crime is going down?

8. Agree with Tim Keller’s far left progressive agenda?

It’s time for the media to stop giving the same 200 people air time. Let’s hear from the other 560,213 citizens.

What do you think?

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