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ABQ breaks homicide record. Yawn

By Dan Klein

-- Keller cares more about heavy metal than he does about homicide victims.

Tim Keller’s utopia has finally done it, Albuquerque has broken its homicide record. Sadly, no one in Albuquerque gives two shits and Keller is only interested in upcoming heavy metal concerts. This is Albuquerque.

As of August 8, 2021, Albuquerque racked up 90 homicides. This includes three more that happened in the last week. These three homicides include: person killed at the Motel 6 on Cesear Chavez, another homicide in downtown Albuquerque and a Sunday morning a homicide at Double Eagle Airport.

Albuquerque is clearly going to demolish this record as we have four more months to go before the end of the year. Keller defends his mismanagement by saying it’s bad all over. This is not comforting to the victims' families, but Keller doesn’t seem to care about them; he is just happy heavy metal music is coming back to Albuquerque!

The homicide rate should be big news as Keller is up for re-election in less than 100 days, but no one in Albuquerque seems to care about the election. That’s too bad because if you don’t care nothing will change.

Speaking of nothing ever changing, taxpayers just finished paying for the seventh audit of APD overtime in seven years. The first six were ignored by R.J. Berry, Gorden Eden, Mike Geier, Harold Medina and Tim Keller. Why did they ignore them? Because the media and the public didn’t care either, just like the homicide count.

Disclaimer on the homicide count, I use the Albuquerque Journal homicide map number and I add to them all homicides deemed “justified” by APD along with the two small children killed by their mothers in a horrific DWI accident. That’s how I get 90. Of course, that beacon of enlightenment and transparency, APD PIO Gilbert Gallegos is already warning the media that APD is planning on reducing this number by adding more to the justified homicide column. Funny, we might get more homicides deemed justified by APD than we will get solved by APD.

We are still waiting to see if the carjacker from August 4 is going to survive falling from the car and smashing his head, and still no word from Gallegos on the status of the person shot weeks ago at Oak and Central. I am sure Gilbert will let us know just as soon as he can claim them in the “justified” column.

Here is what our “hip” Tim Keller was tweeting about just hours before we broke the homicide record.

Keller will make it a point to attend the heavy metal concert. To my knowledge he has never comforted a victim's family. Priorities? What are yours?


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