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Keller's shitty Utopia

By Dan Klein

On June 19, 2020, Albuquerque Chief Administrative Officer Sarita Nair signed Administrative Instruction #5-20, which made Civic Plaza a school zone. So is it OK with Mayor Keller that his Civic Plaza School Zone has people openly shooting up drugs, tossing their dirty syringes on the ground and pooping next to doorways? Would we accept this activity at any school?

The video and photos were taken on October 19, 2021, at approximately 10:30 a.m. The video was taken from an office next to Civic Plaza. It shows a shirtless man shooting up drugs and then tossing his syringes on the ground. The other two pictures show a doorway adjacent to Civic Plaza where a homeless person has decided to poop in front of the doorway and there are more syringes.

This is why Albuquerque, like Portland and Seattle, can’t have nice things. Downtown is dangerous because of these people, and I do not feel the least bit sorry for them, because they don’t give a crap (pun intended) about the rest of us. Businesses should relocate their offices from downtown, to protect their workers, until we clean up the mess that started under R.J. Berry and has worsened under Tim Keller.

Drugs and poop, Kellers’ idea of downtown utopia smells like shit to me. Hey maybe that’s why COO Lawrence Rael decided not to call the cops to investigate his car wreck. Maybe he is scared of being downtown too.

I have just one question for all of you:

Is this the kind of city you want?


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