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Thirty-four homicides

By Dan Klein

The homicide epidemic in Albuquerque just continues to roll over our city.

On April 2, APD reported the 34th homicide after a man was found murdered at the Travelodge hotel in northeast Albuquerque.

On March 31st APD homicide detectives were called out to a suspicious death at the Eagle Ranch Apartments (Eagle Ranch and Paradise). We won’t count this one yet as it has not been confirmed as a homicide by APD. If APD provides an update we will give it to you.

On March 30, APD reported the 33rd homicide after a man was found shot to death at Louisiana and Gibson. Interestingly several sources are telling ABQREPORT that this homicide occurred next to the APD Southeast Substation, yet it took APD roughly 20 minutes to respond.

Three months and Albuquerque’s homicide rate shows no signs of slowing down. I have to ask, where is Mayor Tim Keller? For a guy who loves PR and jumps in front of every camera he can find, Keller has been noticeably absent since his announcement last month that his national search for police chief wasn’t so national, just like the last time.

Add to this the tragic deaths of two children on March 30 in what APD is saying is a DUI caused accident. The initial reports are stating that two mothers, yes mothers, had their small children out at 4 a.m. and that both mothers were drunk. These deaths should also be treated as homicides as the mothers intentionally drove drunk with their children, therefore causing their deaths. That’s my opinion.

APD also reported that the homicide on March 27 of Neil Green is now considered justified. The current list of justified homicides stands at four. They are:

Mark Padilla, killed on January 9, 2021 (APD has not released any other details).

Ruben Parra, killed on February 2, 2021 (APD has not released any other details).

Claude Trevino, killed by APD officers after trying to stab officers.

Neil Green, killed on March 27, 2021.

The Neil Green homicide shows you exactly how dangerous Albuquerque has become and why we are including all homicides in our count. APD reported that Green, with three accomplices, armed themselves and stormed the door to an acquaintance's apartment. Once inside they viciously attacked that him, causing the man to fear for his life and the life of his family. In the apartment was the mans’ girlfriend and their children. The man was able to retrieve a gun and he quickly ended the assault by killing Green and wounding the other three assailants.

Folks Albuquerque has always been a rough city but what has been happening in the last decade is far beyond what we have ever seen before. Keller will tell you property crime is down, but that is only because citizens have stopped reporting it because APD won’t respond. Violent crime is up, way up from just a few years ago with no plateau in sight. Keller’s response was to promote to chief Harold Medina, who as deputy chief has been here while the crime tsunami has grown. Clearly our elected and appointed leaders in Albuquerque are lost on what to do. Remember this when it’s your turn to vote for mayor this year. You can elect more of the same or vote for a change.

Until then, lock your doors and pray you and your loved ones aren’t the next victims.


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